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Isn't she adorable*?  She's just too cute* for words (or even a name -- I'm speechless!) -- a bit of a cliche, but it's true.  I get all tongue-tied when I look at her.  This little bean will be on her way to Minnesota tomorrow!  A special gift for a special girl.  Thanks for letting me do this, Deb!

She's showing off my new Krups GVX2 Burr Grinder -- a belated birthday present from Alison!  I'd put this on my Christmas list, but we're now talking about a more unconventional celebration -- after the holidays, away from home, without "gifts" -- but in addition to her discount, there was a sale, and she couldn't resist.  It's all good, except for my coffee -- which has been FANTASTIC!!  I'd never heard of/paid attention to a burr grinder before seeing one at Ann's in October.  I'm a believer!!  My 21-year-old blade grinder will be passed down to Ali's boyfriend.

Dsc01653_2It's Knit Night tonight and we'll have a special, out-of-town guest!  Angie is working in our area this week and will be able to join us.  I brought my camera today, let's hope I remember to use it.

*When we were at the mall to see Santa on Saturday, Mom and Mack had a conversation.

Mom: "Oh, you're adorable."
Mack: "No, I'm cute."

Mom: "Oh, you're adorable."
Mack: "No, I'm cute."

Mom: "Oh, you're adorable."
Mack: "No, I'm cute."

We went into Pottery Barn and one of the clerks cooed at Addison for a bit and then looked at Mack and said, "Oh, you're adorable..."

Mack: "No, I'm cute."

Clerk: {Speechless}!!!



You're adorable AND cute! Have fun tonight!


Let's hope Mack always has this problem. :-)


these beans are the cutest things.... 'cept for the nephews & nieces.....


How "cute"! I so love the newest little bean.

Do you have a pettern for one? It would be adorable hanging from James' stocking this year. I am completlely willing to pay for the pattern.


Out of the mouth of babes. Bean is so cute! ;-)


This is my favorite one. So cute and adorable!


Oh.my.gosh! And Jon is out of town too! She's just gonna be so thrilled...I hope mom can keep her mouth shut! Thank you a million times over and over!


I love that little face! I've loved all of your little faces!


The adorableness of this post is BEYOND cute. :D


So cute!


Awwwww....way too cute!

Thanks for the tip on the Burr Grinder. I'll put it on my Xmas list!

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