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Table top mirrors life


The degree of order and available free space seen here pretty much mirrors life these days.  Until recently, that little bit of visible tabletop at lower left was occupied by one of my Larger Than Life swatch squares, which I often use as a coaster -- when it's not covered up by something else.  The swatch/coaster was inadvertently grabbed off the table along with something else and, actually, I'm not quite sure where it is at the moment.  I might have to find a new coaster.  And, yeah, one of those hanks of yarn at upper right DID recently fall from its precarious, cantilevered perch.

The Hundertwasser leftovers (Argosy scarf) became squares for Oliver's American Blanket.  I found some Lorna's leftovers (Celtic Braid socks) and made a muted one, too.  That's about as complicated as I can handle with the knitting these days.

I've barely made a peep about Dancing With The Stars this year, but I've recorded and watched almost every single episode.  WHO'S GOING HOME TONIGHT???  Marie?  Jennie?  WHO'S GOING TO WIN???  Melanie?  Helio?  When I see Marie, I think, "This one's for the girls!"  (All grown up and filled out, like me.)  (Go, Marie!)  She isn't going to win it, but she sure is fun.  Jennie really has improved and she's nice to watch, but it would be even more fun if she believed.  (Bruno is so right.)  How darn cute is Helio?  He and Julianne make me think SHOWTIME and GLAMOUR and HOLLYWOOD, BABY!  Maks & Mel are smokin'!  They rule the paso (x2).  I loved the whip -- and Len!!??  Should be fun...

Thursday's festivities are at my house and I think I've nailed it down.  We're having lasagna.  At one point, I was going to make my nod to the pilgrims by using turkey instead of beef, but I was talking to Michael last night and he said, No, make it like you usually do because it's the best.  (Something sweet like that.)  We agreed that it's the people, not the turkey, that are most important at Thanksgiving.  I think I'm going to go all the way and make insalata caprese and minestrone soup and, of course, we'll have bread.  My nod to Plymouth Rock will come at dessert: Zucca e Aranci Torta (Pumpkin and Orange Tart).  Gobble that.



Your Thanksgiving sounds fabulous!

Mary in Boston

Lasagna sounds yummy. We're still having turkey this year, but I get to play around a bit with the salad and sides.

Hope you and yours have a wonderful, loving holiday! And that you get to take a break from being so busy.


Indeed, Miss Vicki, your Thanksgiving sounds great! Enjoy every minute of it!


I cannot imagine the revolt that would be on my hands if I suggested anything other than the traditional dinner. That said, we're going to my friend Lois'. I'm bringing the pies and that's just fine with me.
As for Dancing with the Stars, I'm all about Marie. She's the only reason I even watch.


Lasagna and caprese salad sounds fabulous. Can I come too? I'm making pies to take to a friend's house--her husband makes the turkey on the gas grill outside. Now, that's the kind of husband I like.


My whole apartment looks like your tabletop. No, wait. Mine's worse. ;)

I've been giving all my votes to Mel and Maks since Sabrina was sent home. And sorry, but it's past time for Marie to go...

The lasagna sounds wonderful!


I love your nod to the Pilgrims, but I heard a story on NPR a few years ago where they were laughing at the idea of putting a "gourd" in a "tart" -- i.e. pumpkin pie. It wasn't even on the radar screen then. and I'm pretty sure they'd never seen oranges, too DEFINITELY the lasagne should NOT be turkey. Ick. Enjoy!!!


Oh my looking at the that table reminds me of my house. I have been doing a little at a time to get it back under control, but I know once I get it all finished where I started will be all piled again.

We have done the lasagna for Christmas before and it was a huge hit. After hitting all the different sides of the families turkey got old and the lasagna was such a wonderful taste departure.

Have a happy Thanksgiving.


Sounds like a very nice plan for Thanksgiving dinner, and more manageable than the usual.

I'm taking a break from cleaning and about to head to the grocery store in preparation for DH's family being here for Thanksgiving. The crowd has dwindled a bit and won't approach the 19 we had at my Mom's Thanksgiving last Saturday. Though it could, since DH also comes from a large family.

We will have turkey, since this place is a mile from Diestel's Ranch and my mom has an electric roaster. Even though DH doesn't eat turkey.


I've been reading your blog for awhile now...I don't remember how I was lead here, but I enjoy reading all the same! Your table shot looks familiar...but you know what I immediately noticed? That little "clippy-do" thingy in the lower right. A ubiquitous item, to be sure, but I CANNOT live without them! (BTW...my pet name for them "clippy-do" comes from the fact that they clip and DO so much! ie - keep all papers to be graded properly sorted and separated by grade and class.) I really love those little things.

Okay...sorry for the ode to the clip there. Happy Thanksgiving! Are you inviting Garfield? He would so enjoy your lunch!


Traditionaly turkey here, though it's a farm-fresh one raised by a friend. Lasagna sounds so good though, especially with a caprese salad.

Unfortunately, my whole house looks like a tornado passed through, with knitting, books and toys everywhere! I know what I'm doing tomorrow... ugh.

Have a great holiday!


Love your table! Or at least, love knowing someone else's looks like mine. Prior to serving a holiday dinner here, I'm really gonna have to find more of the table surface. Traditional turkey, because they love the turkey sandwiches afterward more than the fancy dinner! Enjoy your holiday and family!


I really enjoy your "real life" table top composition of yarn, patterns, gadgets, and other stuff. It reminds me a little of JK Rowling's website. Oliver's squares look great. Thanks for the reminder.

Your Thanksgiving dinner sounds very yummy!

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