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Way back on September 20th -- a million years ago in blog-years -- Kelly Jo tagged me for a meme.  I'll say right up front that I don't play by the rules.  It's NaBloHuHaMo and I need all the fodder (and forgotten old draft posts) and I can get!

8 Things About Me

1.  I love toasted bread -- English muffins, bagels, white bread, wheat bread -- and I mean toasted.  Nice and dark brown, so it makes noise when you butter it, and even with a little burned-y parts on the edges.

Dsc01528_2 2.  Besides pansies, in my Top-5 favorite flowers is the hollyhock and, as you can see, I still have some blooms!

3.  I really like going to school and learning.  I'm learning lots!

4.  I really (really) (did I mention "really"?) hate doing the homework.  I think I'd rather take a bunch of tests.

5.  I am procrastinating about homework at this very moment.

6.  I don't know what this will mean for me come next semester.

7.  I enjoyed every birthday wish!  Thank you.  ; )

Dsc01530 Dsc01532 Dsc01533

I also like my presents.  A sterling silver needle gauge necklace, just like I wanted!  A carousel of family photographs chosen, printed and assembled by Madeleine.  Yarn and patterns and books -- and chocolate!!  My friends and family know just what I like.  And they know how to take a hint, as I received two copies of The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook!  This happens to me a lot, the receiving of duplicate gifts.  I know it has everything to do with me, and probably something to do with my past -- maybe not childhood, I can't say whether it's Mom or Dad or Santa Claus, but definitely some big disappointment somewhere along the line -- and so now I just make sure to spread the word when there's something I really want.  Katie gave me Natural Dyeing -- it's absolutely gorgeous.

8.  Maybe my homework next semester will be a little less "homework" and a little more "home work."  Well, maybe more like "home fun."  There's just got to be more balance; there are too many things I want to do.  (Simplify, simplify, simplify.)



I find #1 to be very interesting. Do you like the edges on your pizza crust burned, too?


I love Hollyhocks, too! Must spread the word around my world about Natural Dyeing. Are you planning to dye something soon? Oh and I must check out the gauge necklace, too!


I love toasted bread in any form also and it must make noise when you butter it or it's just not toast:D


Ah, there is nothing like the avoidance of a task to make blogging a wonderful thing!
Love your meme. I love to learn a tidbit or two about a favorite person! (You toast lover you!)


I am avoiding homework as we speak too. I have a 15-18 page paper to write, and I'm 3 pages in. I have two weeks left in the semester... eek.

Next semester I'm taking Russian... should be a nice break. (Yeah, I did say break. I'm weird like that... lol! I take intensive language classes for fun, so a normal length one should be peanuts.)

kelly jo

Thanks for following up on the meme! I usually don't do them either, but I thought this one was easy enough and could be so interesting to learn what 8 things about themselves people think are important enough to tell! Priorities you know! Anyways, I'm all about the semi-burnt bread!! It goes back to my mom's cooking, she burnt almost everything, she said it made you beautiful!


Happy belated birthday, Vicki. Sorry I missed it!


Hah! NaBloHuHaMo - that's just how I feel. Now how did I get into this???

Teresa C

Me too. The toast and the procrastinating. Pizza too. The cheese all brown and the crust all crunchy. Yum.


Aww, you got one of Erica's necklaces! Lucky gal! I see her at my LYS a lot, and have taken a class from her.

Our hollyhocks gave up this year; oh well.

Mmm, crusty bread!


What lovely gifts. At least you know that you family listens when you tell them something that you like/want.

Beth S.

I LOVE the needle gauge necklace. What a brilliant idea! :-)

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