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07 November 2007

Some things...

Way back on September 20th -- a million years ago in blog-years -- Kelly Jo tagged me for a meme.  I'll say right up front that I don't play by the rules.  It's NaBloHuHaMo and I need all the fodder (and forgotten old draft posts) and I can get!

8 Things About Me

1.  I love toasted bread -- English muffins, bagels, white bread, wheat bread -- and I mean toasted.  Nice and dark brown, so it makes noise when you butter it, and even with a little burned-y parts on the edges.

Dsc01528_2 2.  Besides pansies, in my Top-5 favorite flowers is the hollyhock and, as you can see, I still have some blooms!

3.  I really like going to school and learning.  I'm learning lots!

4.  I really (really) (did I mention "really"?) hate doing the homework.  I think I'd rather take a bunch of tests.

5.  I am procrastinating about homework at this very moment.

6.  I don't know what this will mean for me come next semester.

7.  I enjoyed every birthday wish!  Thank you.  ; )

Dsc01530 Dsc01532 Dsc01533

I also like my presents.  A sterling silver needle gauge necklace, just like I wanted!  A carousel of family photographs chosen, printed and assembled by Madeleine.  Yarn and patterns and books -- and chocolate!!  My friends and family know just what I like.  And they know how to take a hint, as I received two copies of The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook!  This happens to me a lot, the receiving of duplicate gifts.  I know it has everything to do with me, and probably something to do with my past -- maybe not childhood, I can't say whether it's Mom or Dad or Santa Claus, but definitely some big disappointment somewhere along the line -- and so now I just make sure to spread the word when there's something I really want.  Katie gave me Natural Dyeing -- it's absolutely gorgeous.

8.  Maybe my homework next semester will be a little less "homework" and a little more "home work."  Well, maybe more like "home fun."  There's just got to be more balance; there are too many things I want to do.  (Simplify, simplify, simplify.)


I find #1 to be very interesting. Do you like the edges on your pizza crust burned, too?

I love Hollyhocks, too! Must spread the word around my world about Natural Dyeing. Are you planning to dye something soon? Oh and I must check out the gauge necklace, too!

I love toasted bread in any form also and it must make noise when you butter it or it's just not toast:D

Ah, there is nothing like the avoidance of a task to make blogging a wonderful thing!
Love your meme. I love to learn a tidbit or two about a favorite person! (You toast lover you!)

I am avoiding homework as we speak too. I have a 15-18 page paper to write, and I'm 3 pages in. I have two weeks left in the semester... eek.

Next semester I'm taking Russian... should be a nice break. (Yeah, I did say break. I'm weird like that... lol! I take intensive language classes for fun, so a normal length one should be peanuts.)

Thanks for following up on the meme! I usually don't do them either, but I thought this one was easy enough and could be so interesting to learn what 8 things about themselves people think are important enough to tell! Priorities you know! Anyways, I'm all about the semi-burnt bread!! It goes back to my mom's cooking, she burnt almost everything, she said it made you beautiful!

Happy belated birthday, Vicki. Sorry I missed it!

Hah! NaBloHuHaMo - that's just how I feel. Now how did I get into this???

Me too. The toast and the procrastinating. Pizza too. The cheese all brown and the crust all crunchy. Yum.

Aww, you got one of Erica's necklaces! Lucky gal! I see her at my LYS a lot, and have taken a class from her.

Our hollyhocks gave up this year; oh well.

Mmm, crusty bread!

What lovely gifts. At least you know that you family listens when you tell them something that you like/want.

I LOVE the needle gauge necklace. What a brilliant idea! :-)

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