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I rewarded myself for hard work on Monday night and continued progress on Tuesday by knitting out for a couple of hours last night.  I'd already had one shark mitt knit up, and knit up the other from start to finish last night.  These will be for Mack and I have plenty of that yarn left to make a wee pair of hand-coverings for Addison.

Dsc01553 Dsc01554

The shark mitt is supposed to be knit entirely in seed stitch, but my wrist cannot take it, so I used it only as a border and knit the rest in stockinette.  We talked about wrists a bit last night -- I'm not the only in the group who suffers from repetitive motion-related problems.  I mentioned the lovely striped scarf that I'd hoped to do as a coordinating gift with my SIL's Noro Mitered Mittens, since I have more than a ball of the same Silk Garden colorway left, and that I'd even started it, but it became clear I wouldn't be able to hack the K1,P1 rib for an entire scarf!  Well, Ann... she's always talking, you know, sometimes to herself (did someone say "cashmere"?) and sometimes to us all, and sometimes... sometimes there's brilliance!  She suggested that I try K3,P1 or some variation that might not be so taxing.

I'm also working on some Hundertwasser Der Blaue Mond Squareness for Oliver, which is looking very green and gold right now, but trust me, it's "blue moon."

It's a busy day... back to it!



Take a minute to stretch before you knit or work on the computer and when you get up for a break (like to pee) stretch some more!


Those are from a Morehouse kit, right? I almost bought a few at Rhinebeck, but passed.. not sure why :)

About seed st. I had to do an entire project for knitpicks recently.. all in seed. I also have the wrist problem, though it often causes my entire arm to ache. I solved this by knitting differently. I did my knits through the back loop and my purls as normal, just fixing on the next row. At first I tried to tell myself that doing it that way would be harder, but in fact it wasn't at all :)


you could also try Fisherman's rib/Brioche stitch. It looks like rib but is all knits, slips and YOs


I do the legs of my socks in 3x1 rib - and actually I knit the entire leg of the last one in stockinette, and then once I was done with the leg, laddered down every 4th stitch and picked them up as purls with a crochet hook. MUCH easier on my wrist, and actually helped my gauge out since I seem to have trouble keeping ribbing tight enough.

I tore the cartilage in my wrist in a car crash a few years ago and had to have surgery on it, it's never been the same since. Lately, it clicks/snaps/crackles with every single stitch. Fun!

(Oh, and playing Zuma online for 5 hours straight? Not so good for the wrist, either!)

Teresa C

My wrists and arms have been a mess since August. Everything bothers them, including typing. Signing up for all of this blogging was brilliant!

Glad you could take a night for yourself. Don't work too hard.


I suffer the wrist pain also - I try to take breaks, but after a whole day on the computer that isn't always enough. My knitting time has suffered greatly.

I love those shark mitts - are they a kit or a readily available pattern?


have you considered the yarn harlot's one row scarf? it's just a single purl stitch per repeat but it's a little more interesting than ribbing.


I wish I could get half of that kind of knitting in! I'm trying to learn English knitting so I can alternate. No pun intended, but I figured it couldn't hurt. Maybe it could.


Yay for taking some time to knit. I agree that you might try srtetching before knitting.

Ann K.

LOL! Yep.. that's me. I should have added people who never stop talking to my "What Annoys You" post! ;)


Those mitts are cute! :)

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