This little piggy...

That's a wrap!

Note: Some may wish to skip to the photos.  Okay, it wasn't a great night for the Green & Gold -- or for Brett Favre -- so let's look at the bright side.  The Packers are 10-2.  Their only loss is no longer the only game I attended, so perhaps it wasn't *me* after all.  I did wear a Packer sweatshirt and my "lucky" socks to work yesterday (I've never done that before)... and they lost... but playing on a "work day" is something new, too.  (I may sound nuts, I may be nuts, but I am not the only person to think this way.)  How about Aaron Rodgers?  Huh??  I think he'll do!  (And cute to boot -- but not that awful photo they used on TV!)

I had class last night and made it home just in time for kick-off.  On the way, I listened to Larry McCarren and Wayne Larrivee do the radio pre-game.  Wayne had to do an ad for a sponsor:  Don't have tickets to the game?  That's okay, you've got the best seats in the house with Time-Warner Cable.  After which there was a very long                  pause and then he says, That was a very pregnant pause.  And I just burst out laughing, all by myself.  Yeah, right, best seat my pregnant butt.  (Relax, it's just a figure of speech; I am so definitely NOT pregnant.)  This is not to say that the situation with these games is all cable's fault -- it's not (though I think their argument is lame -- I don't watch MANY of the channels that they "provide" in their basic service -- there has to be a better way -- would that be satellite?). The NFL Network is... well, is there really even a need for an NFL Network?  It doesn't really matter.  It is what it is.  They need to come to an agreement.  /sportstalk

Scarf2 Scarf1

KNITTING!  I unpinned and rolled up a Striped Noro Scarf last night.  The picture was taken this morning in less than ideal conditions, but I do love those Reveal bulbs -- the color is pretty close!  I will try to get a modelled photo this weekend -- maybe with some of the "up to seven inches" of snow that's in the forecast.

NeabBefore the game got too nerve-wracking, I worked on this sweet little bean -- another Oddfellow in the making for someone special.  Fresh off the needles, awaiting arms and legs, he's sporting the last of the safety eyes in my arsenal.  I can't imagine that I'll never make another, so I'll have to put "eyes" on my list.  In fact, I think I'll start one, in the usual spot for lists at our house, and put "eyes" right at the top.  Let's see what happens.

These little guys knit up so quick and I have a lot of fun customizing them -- they're all "clothed" in two-color stripes, but each one is a little bit different.  Anyway, you'll see this one again before long, when he's an FO with limbs!

Nablo_didit_lgThis is the last of the NaBloPoMo posts!  I need PoNoMo!!  But, of course, I will BloMo, I just don't have to do it everyday... at least not 'til next November!  It's been fun.  I thought I'd be more organized, but it's been mostly by the seat of my pants, which is exactly the way I usually blog.  I have had a post in mind since before Rhinebeck that I thought I'd finally get down this month; "How Blogging Changed My Life" or "What Blogging Means to Me" or "Geez, I Love You Guys" or some such possibly sentimental nonsense.  You'd think I'd have been searching the recesses of my mind for blog fodder this month -- maybe even for fodder about blogging -- but, alas, it's still neither written nor posted.

I regret that I haven't had time to check out and keep up with more of the NaBloPoMo participants this year, but I'm just a bit busier.  You may have read about the MoFos -- Margene, Norma, Sandy, Anne, Teresa, and me -- I've been keeping up with those girls, mostly, and with Celia, which isn't anything new except that some of those people have not had the regularity of frequent posting lately.

The biggest thing to come from NaBloPoMo and the MoFos, though, is that I'm exercising.  I was up early again this morning -- for the SEVENTH day in a row (I still can't believe I decided to start on a Saturday) -- getting in a little workout to start my day.  I am taking advantage of ExerciseTV On Demand, starting slow and easy (mainly with short yoga/pilates stretches and core routines), because nothing will make me quit faster than overdoing it, and even after only seven days I feel better and stronger, and more aware.  The results aren't yet obvious to the naked, untrained eye (and it'll probably be a long while), but it's obvious to me that things are changing.

The early-morning commitment pretty much sets the tone for the day.  I feel that if I do anything "bad" it will negate the 5 a.m. wake-up call, which is no small feat.  I haven't had a candy bar from the bowl at work in a week.  I have peered, longingly, into the bowl; I have wondered just how bad a Mini Twix could be... or a 3Musketeers or Baby Ruth (peanuts = protein) or a yummy Milky Way Dark (dark chocolate is good for you, right?).  So far (this week), I've been successful at turning my back on that slippery chocolate slope -- sometimes smooth with caramel, fluffy with nougat, bumpy with nuts -- I know I can't eat just one.  Tuesday knit nights will be my treat/reward for stick-to-it-iveness.

So, blahblahblahblahblah.  Why I am so wordy today is kind of a mystery.  It's not like I'll never be back.  Sheesh.  Thanks for hanging in there all month, and especially today!  Have a great weekend.


Teresa C

You had better PoMo! You are so funny. I'm glad that you have so much to say, but for me the only problem is focusing on one thing to comment on. Didn't see the game (but feel sorry for you), cute little thingee, hope you get more eyes. Love the scarf. Love you and the MoFos. Yay for excercise! Yay for chocolate, OOOPS, umm, I mean, Yay for shunning the chocolate! There, covered it.


I can't tell you how much I admire your committment to exercise, diet and blogging. You are an admirable role model.


Is it ok if I skip the phootbally stuff? It's been fun to do the PoMo thing because of this all grrls act, the MOFOs! Blogging has changed my life and I'm so happy it's brought good friends like you into my life. Yay for Tuesday treats (my treats are always on Friday) ;-)


Up at 5am ugh. I would have only been to bed for 2 - 3 hours by then. Congratulations on sticking with it. I have to say though that you were making my mouth water with your descriptions of the candy bars. :)

Love the colors in the scarf, so very pretty.

The little bean is too cute! You sure whip them up quick.

We chucked cable a long time ago and went with Directv. We love it and are getting so many more channels for a cheaper price than out cable.


The striped scarf looks great and so does Mr. Oddfellow.

I've really enjoyed your daily blogging this month, Vicki. Thanks!


We are da bomb! We did it! YOU did it! Fabulous, dahling. I love that new little bean. They really are precious.

Yay for exercise! I've had three days off, but promise to get back into it tomorrow. XO


My stepdaughter is a HUGE Packers fan. When I told her that I have a friend who gets to go to the games I thought she was going to cry she was so jealous!
Good for you on NoBloPoMo or whatever it's called. I always love reading what you have to say, Vicki.


You've chnaged my life dear girl!! Thanks!

FYI - some good friends flew down to Dallas ON THE TEAM PLANE with the Packers! I got to touch them last night at a party. They are huge fans and said it was a chance of a lifetime!

cheesehead with sticks

Sigh... the game. I'm certain if I would have just stayed in my car and listened like I did for the first 3 quarters that we could have pulled it off. It went to pot when I finally got to sit and actually watch the game.

Thanks for doing NaBloPoMo - it was fun to read every day! :)

Special Needs Mama

Well, I'm sure that playing on Thursday is just plain old DUMB. There's no good luck to be had in that situation.

On the other hand, BRAVO to you for the exercise. I didn't realize there was ExerciseTV on demand. I'll have to check that out.

Finally, where's my password to that *other* blog?!! I want to celebrate the baby news too...


I just don't know how you do it. Oh, and now I need something chocolate, thankyouverymuch.


Hey - I clicked on your blog off the link from Mrs. Knitter's nice matters blogspot (I'm Sara). Just wanted to let you know that I am knitting a (surprise) sweater for my husband for Christmas that I started while tailgating at Lambeau and sneaked a 'hold up photo' during the game (Vikqueens) and have continued knitting it during the next two games that he want back up for (10 hour trip from KY one way). Almost had to rip back the parts I knitted during the a couple shakey moments of those games and didn't even THINK about picking it up during the Dallas game. Sigh. I agree about Rogers, but geez, that boy needs to get a hair cut ;-). Nice visiting your cheesehead knitting blog :-). Any other good ones I should know about?


I agree that Comcast and TWC need to get it sorted, but I felt more firmly about it before I heard the rubbish game commentators for the NFL Network. They were purely awful.

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