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Dsc01534She is such an odd fellow chica.   She has very big eyes and a slightly off-center nose and smile, and isn't she adorable?  Now this one -- just like this, without arms and legs -- is definitely a little Bean.  She won't actually be christened until she's finished, though.  (Maybe Beana?  Or "Bena" after my great grandmother!)  I ran out of the small safety eyes and was worried that the rest would be too big -- didn't want a Precious Moments-ish Oddfellowchica -- but they're perfect.  I can't wait to finish and schedule the family portrait!!

In other news, I am delighted to report that I drove myself to work today!  I have wheels!!  I'm FREE!!!  We have had a long, sad run of automotive bad luck these past couple of weeks, beginning with my little wreck on the highway.  Katie was only a few miles from home for last weekend's birthday celebration when her car overheated -- steam coming in through the vents and temperature gauge gone wild.  My stepdad thought he had the problem licked, but Katie and I traded vehicles on Sunday just to be sure -- I'm in a better position if there was a lingering possibility of being stranded.  Sure enough, on Monday morning, I wasn't even half-way to work...  To make matters worse, Ali's boyfriend hit a deer on Saturday night and his vehicle is unsafe to drive.  He just started a 3rd shift job and it would be a shame to lose it, so Ali's been letting him use her car as much as possible while he works on his future transportation plan.

We needed some systems diagrams in order to figure out what was wrong with Katie's car.  The owner's manual is quite lovely in its presentation, but utterly lacking in systems/diagnostics details.  Closing in on "vintage" status, a repair manual for a 1990 Saab 900 Turbo is not exactly crowding the shelves at book stores, though it can be had online for upwards of $100 -- which could be a very good and wise investment, but why BUY the book when you can BORROW it from your LIBRARY?  (Cue the applause!)  Yes, ladies and gentleman, I'll take that bow, and let's give a hand to our lovely librarians, too.  I found not one, but TWO useful manuals in the system, and they are directly related to the successful repair of said automobile.  My love for the library has been well documented in these pages, and it seems only to grow.

Anyway, it's been like a ballet or synchronized swim, getting people where they need to be and when.  In a bit of a role reversal, Alison picked me up after work and took me to school yesterday.  She knit on a scarf while she waited, and had some "old professors" stop and inquire about her work.  "Is that knitting or crocheting?"  "How do you make that diamond pattern."  "Oh, I never learned how to purl."  "Is that your natural hair color?"



Let's hear it for the library!


Glad you got some wheels back. We get our car back today as well.


Lots o'luck with the car. Sounds like it could be a hole in the radiator (having been there before). ;-)


Freedom!!!!! The little bean is adorable. You could never be mad at thouse big black eyes. ;)


What a cutie! Glad you are on the roads again! :)


I love the Bean!


Yay for helpful librarians and libraries with helpful books!


Oh my, what a string of bad car luck!! Glad you now have wheels again and that no one was hurt! Car problems always seem to happen when one can least affort them--either by time or by money!!


She looks like she has a latina flavor to her - perhaps her name should be frijole?


Little Bean is adorable!!!

Oh, travel woes! I can't stand 'em. There was a huge accident that prevented me from getting to work Tuesday morning. I even thought I had outwitted the traffic jam and came around to where I thought I would "beat it," only to find the snafu was much more far-reaching than I realized. I had to go back home.


I happen to know some very fine librarians myself! Sure hope this is the last of the car troubles too. The Ali taking you to school and knitting while waiting just cracks me up! Now she's got a little practice for the future :) I dream of Beanie with the light, light hair...


Kathryn is standing over my shoulder "ooohing" and "Mooooooom can you pleeeeeeease make me that?" as I type. Thanks Vicki!! Love ya!

Go Pack - I'll be cheering with you tomorrow!

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