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Lost and...

Dsc01571_2FOUND!!  It's long-lost BEAN!!  Well, he was lost for a week or two, anyway.

*I* did it.  I put him in a safe place.  He wasn't in Ali's room at all.  Not under the bed, not stuck in the covers, not lost in the laundry basket.

She kept tellin' me.

I kept tellin' her.

WHEW!  Amy was over the other day and collected BENA (who was promptly renamed, but she'll always be Bena to me) and now Ben can have BEAN, and almost everyone will soon be happy.


Oh, I am so tired.  The big report is finished, handed in, the accompanying Power(F-ing)Point has been presented, handed in.  Someday I'll share all the things I've learned about myself SO FAR during this one semester of school.

I didn't go to bed 'til midnight last night and was up well before the butt-crack of dawn this morning (4:40 a.m., to be precise), and that's after playing host to the nightly Kitty Gong Show 3 a.m. Dance of the Kitties.  I did a little editing and rearranging during breaks/lunch today and emailed them home for Alison to REprint and deliver to me on her way to filling in for someone at work.

Thank goodness for my little thumb drive (which I love beyond reason).  Thank goodness for high-speed internet and email.  Thank goodness for wonderful children (thank goodness this fit into her schedule).  Lord knows I've saved them enough times, delivering forgotten homework, books, lunches, projects,,, (please, in your best Yul Brunner).

Okay, okay, y'all can stop sweatin' now.



Am I first? Am I first?

I forgot what I was going to say.


I am so glad that Bean. He looks like he is saying "Here I am!" LOL

Yay for the paper and presentation finally being over. Now maybe you can get back to more important things like knitting. ;)

Teresa C

Aww, I wanted to be first, but then I got all into my knitting and didn't look again. Bummer.

Yay! For the find.
Yay! For the report.
Yay! For the PP presentation.
Yay! For kids that help.
Yay! For the post.
Yay! For well-earned sleep.


I love Bean (yay! that he is found) but I covet that green measuring cup he is dancing in.


So I can stop my candlelight vigil for Bean now? :D Welcome home, Bean! He had a bit of a misadventure!
And NEVER put it in a safe place. It ends up being TOO Safe.
Congrats on the Finished Project. I am duly impressed. Very very.
(I was sweating a wee bit. But I also had faith in you!)


I am glad you found Bean, you are good working so late on your homework, I can do the early morning no problem, but not the late night, too grumpy!


I hadn't really thought about how different school must be now, what with email and thumb drives and the internets and all. When I finished grad school it was the dark ages and email was brand new and there were no search engines.


Yay for you! You have a awesome grrls, too! Yay for Bean. It's amazing how much you cram into a day, grrl!


I'm so glad the projects over and you seem satisfied with it. Glad you found Bean and I hope the cats let you sleep tonight.

I'm a zombie. That's all.


So glad to read that it's done!


congrats on finding the little guy .... however you have my deepest sympathies, now you have a daughter who can say "Remember when you were convinced it was me?!"

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