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The living room couch has been recently occupied by knitters of my own creation -- and I mean that in just about every sense.  They are my girls.  Now, they've all knit at various times -- some with more success than others -- but I don't think it's ever been quite like this.  I could have Knit Night every night right in my very own home.

Dsc01555aMaddy has been working on a loosely knit garter stitch scarf with one of the other Opal Hundertwasser balls -- Regentag auf Liebe Wellen (Rainy Day on Dear Waves).  She recently quit her job at the local coffee shop -- yes, it's true, The Barista Sisters Trio has broken up and my personal arsenal of coffee-slingers has been reduced by one (but we shall soon have a sandwich maker in our midst).  Having admired my Der Blaue Mond Argosy, she decided that knitting a similar scarf of her own would be a good way to fill her between-jobs time.

Dsc01556It might be noted that the knitters shown here are not on a living room couch.  I'm not only living the dream in my very own house, I actually get to take it on the road.  I know... it's almost too much.  We drove down to Beaver Dam last night to exchange cars with Katie and these two brought their knitting along!  I wasn't even going to bring MY knitting along, and there they are bringing theirs.  Oh, you don't know what this does to my soul.  After further review, it has been determined that Ali can't knit in the car (motion), and Maddy didn't get much done, either.

But, hey...  Knitters in the car!!!  ; )

Alison is working on two scarves and has the yarn for a third.  One of them is knit with two strands in shades of pink in simple garter -- it's nice.  The one she's holding, which nearly matches her dye job, is for a co-worker.  It has a border of garter on each side and there are large, reverse stockinette diamonds on a field of stockinette (or vice versa, depending on personal preference), which I assure her will look much better after blocking.  I'm not sure Alison has ever finished a knitted project before, but here she is designing stuff on-the-fly.  Maybe that's the trick.

Dsc01557We met at Benvenuto's Italian Grill.  It was a very convenient place to meet and the food was fine.

Can you believe Thanksgiving is a week away?  Kate & Al will both be slinging coffee for early morning travelers that day, but will be home for some family stuff later in the day.  We're not even talking turkey in these parts -- lasagna has been mentioned.  It's all good.

Did you feel that chill emanating from the northeast yesterday?  I think hell froze over in Vermont to the 8th... 9th... no make that 10th random degree (whatever that memes means, but you get the idea).



Yay for the knitting gene. Your girls are beautiful.


I bred a knitter too!
It's great until she starts asking for stuff from my stash to enhance her own. ;)


This post totally makes me miss my sisters. Sorry I couldn't talk longer yesterday - I don't know what happened to the phone and then Mr. French wanted to monopolize all my time. Sheesh!

And hey - anytime you need me and the babe to kick some ass for you - just say it!


That's great that you passed on the passion! :)


Knitters! YAY! You've done a good job;-)


I was going to suggest Benvenuto's since its the only place I could think of in Beaver Dam besides McD's (wait is there a Culvers there? Maaaan I miss Culvers!) Anyway, having never been there, I didn't know how good it was so kept my mouth shut ;)

So many knitter girls.. I love the pictures. Cassidy knits occasionally and as recently as last night was caught digging in my stash. Shes only 9. Maybe we should start working on her own damn stash!

Teresa C

I am so jealous!

Kathy W

Benvenuto's is great. I can't drive past there without gaining weight though.

It's so cool you've got 2nd generation knitting going on. My son picks it up now and then but the passion just isn't there.

Maybe in time it will flare up for him.

Beth S.

Thanksgiving really sneaked up on me this year. It's unusually early, isn't it? I'm starting to panic a little about the holiday knitting...

I'm glad to see that at least one of your daughters has a proper appreciation for orange. That's a lovely scarf (?) she's working on! And it matches her hair! :-)

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