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Freezin' my butt off for the blog

It's that time again...

Nablo0790x33National Blog Posting Month.  I did it successfully last year and some of my favorite people are doing it this year -- there may be more!  There's lots yet to discover!  Don't forget to check the Randomizer!

Ali/Twiggy's boyfriend has decided NOT to go to their last Halloween party of the year as Zoolander.  Ali's happy, because it means that Kevin won't be cutting his hair, but I am not.  Not that it matters what I think; it's not my party and he's not my boyfriend -- but, OH, it would have been SO CUTE!  He's going as some other character from some other thing that means absolutely ZERO to me -- and it won't mess up his hair.  I guess I'll have to live with it.  ; )

In news more to my liking:  Katie arrived home last night and will be in the house 'til Sunday!  She's bringing me a Noodles lunch today!

More:  Mack & Addison will be arriving in town (with their parents) tomorrow!

And even more:  I think another sister and two more nephews may also crash the party!

KNITTING:  I keep plugging away at the Hundertwasser Argosy -- I'm sure I'm past the half-way mark, but it's hard to measure exactly.  It's going quickly, anyway, and I'm quite happy with the progress.  It's getting cold outside, and we're due for an even bigger plunge next week, so the big FO ought to come at a really good time!

Happy weekend, all.  Heh, I guess I'll be back tomorrow... and the next day, and the next day, and the day after that...



You are much braver than I with the posting. The weekend hits & I'm fried - good luck!


I thought about NaBloPoMo but don't think I can keep it up especially with Thanksgiving. I'll think about it to night and decide. I look forward to reading all your posts!


I was all tickled over the Zoolander reference but I agree - messing the hair is too big a price to pay.

BTW - I'm still thinking about the lead in China and buying more carefully idea from yesterday's post. Ideas for a 7 year old boy?


Yay for you and NaBloPoMo!


I am doing it toO!! Yay for knitters!

Kathy W

You go, girl!

I'm going to sit this year out because my schedule is getting quite tight these days.

I'm not looking forward to cold yet. I'd better get busy this weekend to prepare.

Have a great time this weekend.


There is no way that I could blog every day. I would leave posts with nothing but a title. LOL

Teresa C

Okay, since you are one of MY favorite people, I have decided to give it a go. I'm terrified actually, as we all know how spasmodically I post.


Yay, I was wondering who else was doing the NaBloPoMo thing. I need to get the randomizer up on my page and concoct something for today's entry. After dinner!

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