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Get up and do it again

Or, can we just pretend that yesterday never happened?

Yowzers, I was doing pretty good all day, for a Monday.  I lent an ear to this person and another to that person and then to this person again, and added my two cents when appropriate.  I digressed only once or twice (far less than usual) (but they were doozies), going off on related tangents that became wild hairs, eventually (some time and maybe a few subjects later) getting back 'round to the point prior to departure.  You know.

I don't think I was feeling smug -- in fact, it felt really good to listen and be a good friend -- I just mostly didn't have anything much to complain about.  Or maybe I'm all complained out.  That's a good thing?

Deserved or not, the slap-down occurred right around suppertime.  Well, right around the time I'd normally eat supper -- if I wasn't going to school after work instead.  I didn't even have a class, but I get so damned little done at home with all the distractions that I thought I'd go work on my big project in the lab at school for a while.  Not that there aren't distractions there (it's just the normal noises in here), but I thought, surrounded by all the other studious students, that I'd be less likely to stray.  And I was.  Less likely.  I did not stray.  I put my head down and got to work.

A classmate came in and sat down next to me and we contemplated a question/discussion that we'd briefly touched on last week about whether our big project is supposed to be only a presentation OR a presentation and a report.  Somehow, I got the idea that this project used to be only a report, but that the requirement had changed and it was now only a presentation.  Well, we inquired and -- I'm sure you already see how this turns out -- the new requirement is for both a report and presentation.  I've been working for the past couple of weeks on distilling information from a zillion different sources into a concise presentation (believe me, that is very taxing, very hard work!), when all along I could have been foaming at the fingertips, writing a report -- I'm good at that!

Well, the wind went right out of my sails -- it didn't help that I hadn't had the aforementioned supper and maybe my brainpower wasn't so good -- so I packed up my zip drive and left.  I called DH and whined a little and he offered to make me supper, and I was able to think and regroup on the way home.  I got started before dinner even hit the table and worked until about 11:00 last night, with later fortification in the way of some leftover candy corn and a few Special Dark chocolate chips.  I realized that I was actually doing okay, I was just going down the wrong track, so now I'm on the right track(s) and have built a little head of steam, and I'm trying not to think (at the moment) about the larger disgruntlements and questions (Why am I doing this?  Where is this going to take me?  How am I going to get this other stuff done?  What else am I forgetting?).  I think the other poor woman thought I was pissed at HER, so I sent an email later to apologize for leaving in such a huff.  Turns out the computer lab was only open until 6:00 last night, anyway.

Harumph.  I'm pulling it together.  The little engine that could.  ; )



I will say that I don't miss this part of being in school. But at least you're on the right track now.


You sound resilient and very capable of figuring out what needs to be done. Many others would have melted down with no way to recover. One step at a time is all we can expect from're doing just that.

Teresa C

You forgot one question: HOW are you doing this? I give you a ton of credit for starting and last night-keeping up the work when I might have spent the evening wallowing.


Aren't you being just a little hard on yourself my dear? You are one amazing person when I take stock of all that you do....

Ann K.

You're a trooper... I believe you'll figure it all out, or at least eventually be content with not figuring everything out. ;) Good luck.


It would take more than candy corn for me, I tell ya! Remember these important things: (She says motherly)
~drink plenty of water
~go to bed on time
~and eat healthy
with candy corn sprinkled in
Lots of hugs!


Life intervenes and makes us all realize we can't do everything in funny ways...hmm, I might have future as a self-help author. I'd better forget that and go make dinner and think about blogging.

Hang in there, going back to school is tough and your doing the right thing with candy corn. You'll get through the work.


Oh no. That sucks. Hopefully you can pull together a report easlily.

Melissa V.O.

Hang in there, it's hard stuff. I had started college at 18 and the regular full load was no issue, but I had my first child after that first year and started over at a new school for another full 4 years (yes, that was crazy, and in hindsight I should not have taken such a traditional schooling route, instead I should have taken my own path and speed, but oh well).

I know it's no easy task to have other responsibilities pulling for your attention while in school, even if you aren't going full time. It will be worth it, and don't down-play to yourself that it can be pretty hard and frustrating at times. Give yourself credit and be proud of your hard work.


Reading this, it strikes me that you and I are *somewhat* living parallel lives. That is no big revelation, I guess. But I've got it soooo much easier, as I can just be a quite passive learner. I have to do the amount of learning that is required for me to get the vocabulary right and learn the steno required to do that, and I get the bonus of the learning, which, because I'm getting paid for it and not having to do the hard work, is really the gift of it all. You, on the other hand, are doing the HARD work. My cheers to you, Honey. XOXO


I just fininshed my MPA this spring (part-time), and your tale brings back lots of memories! Hang in there!


so will you please get to the part where someone said something about you being smug, a smack down or something??!!

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