New kid
Goin' back, lookin' back... WABAC

Before & After

Before.  This is how I wear wore my hair 50-75% of the time.

Dsc01540 Dsc01542 Dsc01543_2

After.  New & improved!!  Much lighter and with more... I don't know... STYLE.

Dsc01545 Dsc01546

It won't always look like that, because I don't have a curling iron or even a blow-dryer of my own. I'm assured that it will look just fine with my normal wash & wear routine; that I can "fancy it up" easy enough (with borrowed styling appliances), and that if I have to, I can still (mostly) pull it into a ponytail.

You see the lovely Hundertwasser Der Blaue Mond Argosy 'round my neck!  It's wrapped 'round twice, then tied in front.  It's very, very long.  I had more than a few compliments on it today, plus I was with Mom and she wore her Tartelette shawl, which she's worn almost non-stop (she told me that she's even worn it to bed once), and that was good for a few more.

What a day!  A quick run through the indoor Farmer's Market, haircut, lunch, a little shopping (mostly window-shopping), a stop at the LYS, some other running around.  There was a Habu trunk show at Iris Fine Yarns.  In a word: incredible.  There was some damage done.

Right now, I have to get to the store and lay-in supplies for tomorrow's INTERNATIONAL PAJAMA DAY!!  Woohoo, I am so there.



Very, very stylin'!! You look great with new do and scarf, too. At first IPD wasn't on my radar, but with wet weather headed this way (yay!) it might be doable!


Your hair looks great!! Shoot you even look younger :) Hope your much more successful than myself with going ponytail free. I only lasted about a month. Now it's all pony all the time.

International Pajama Day! Now that I must try.


Vicki!!!!! it looks GORGEOUS!!! seriously you look about eight years younger! although you seem much less Janice-esque now.


Love your new look, Vicki!


Nice cut. I've found it takes a few days to bond with a new style.

Personally, any cut that's not truely short must work in a pony tail. Everyone has ponytail days.


De-lurking. The cut is wonderful! My DD recently cut over 18" off her incredibly thick hair, and her cut is quite similar, though shorter. Have fun!


Your new haircut looks great, I love your argosy too.
Pyjama days sounds like a great idea for today.


Goigous, dahling! There ain't nothing like a good hair day.

kristi and otis

It's Bouncin' and Behavin'! Love it!


Your hair looks LOVELY--and the scarf even better! Argosy is rocking the hair!!!


Your hair looks darling!


That's scary: we wore -- and wear -- our hair in the same style!

There is an alternative to the ponytail for slightly shorter hair, and I use it almost every day. (I'm so used to having my hair off my neck.) It's a flat clip thing with long teeth on one side (like a huge comb) and a decorative ring on the other. Clamp it in your hair and all you see is the decorative ring. Holds more, and shorter, hair than a ponytail, looks like a fancy up-do. Available wherever hair products are sold.


I'm completely stuck in the pony tail style - I look exactly like your "before" picture (we even have the same amount of gray!). I know it will be so much more trouble to take care of if I cut it off - I'm NOT good with the blow dryer/curler and it hung in my eyes when I ventured shorter in the past. YOURS looks great!! Maybe it's time for me to try again!


Vicki, what a great new look! (And the scarf is a winner, too.)


wowzers lady you look 10 years younger!!! and that is a GOOD thing!!!
Love the scarf too, you are very stylin' with your new "do" and your new neckware!


wowzers lady you look 10 years younger and wonderful!!!
Love the scarf too, you are very stylin' with your new "do" and your new neckware!


That hair cut is fabulous, Vicki! As is the scarf.


LOoks GREAT! And the hair looks good, too!

Just joshing you. I did the same thing a month or two ago; it was actually shorter than I would have chosen, but I told the haircutter to cut off enough for Locks of Love. But my hair is fuller and more flattering, and does fine with my wash-and-let-it-do-what-it-wants hair care method.

Sounds like a tiring but fun day!


You are beautiful, before and after! but I do love the new style! :) And your new scarf. And you. It's all about the love today!


It's so lovely, Vicki! :-)


Oh, Vicki, it's WONDERFUL! Now we'll get you some of those True Jeans and CFM boots....


Very becoming haircut, Vicki. It should be very easy to maintain and looks very good on you. Love the scarf, too.


Love the new 'do! It's so flattering! Great scarf, too.


Love the new hair. It is way cute.


Great hair!


Wow, fantastic new hair do!


Your new haircut looks great on you! Definitely very stylish and, with a hair accessory or two, you could have a different look everyday, if desired.


Oh, and I love the scarf!


lookin hot!!

Debbie Nelsen

Wow! You didn't tell us you were getting your hair cut! It looks great! Hope to see you Tuesday.
Th scarf looks Fabulous!

Ann K.

Your hair looks great! I love it!

Wasn't the trunk show wonderful?! I was there on Friday night, only for a quick moment.. jotted down some kits I wanted and intended on visiting again Saturday before or after my Sis' visit from out of state. I didn't manage to make it back. I will however be ordering my kits!

Takako even posed with Gnorm! LOL! She figured if the Yarn Harlot and Yarn Pirate both did it.. why not her too!

Teresa C

I LOVE the HAIR! Get thee a hair dryer and curling iron, it will help and once you get the hang of it, will be quick. That from a girl who will never use a curling iron again if she can get away with it, but the dryer? A must.

I totally missed IPD. Last time I spent the day watching an America's Next Top Model
marathon. I much prefer what I did today.


Wow - You look awesome. I love the ponytail look (what's not to love about something so classic?) and the new-do is amazing.


i clicked through to comment on your scarf (which i love), but ohmygosh your hair looks fabulous!!!


Wow I can't decide what I love more your hair or the scarf! :)


Love the hair! I'm a ponytail girl myself but it's nice to have it down for a change. Especially when it looks good:D


Gorgeous hair do! Your hair renovation was much more successful than my recent attempt at a new do. Congratulations! And the scarf is also wonderful!


Your haircut looks great!

kathy b

Your beauteous!


Vicki, that hair style is just perfect -- it looks so nice, as does the scarf. I really, really love them both.


Holy crap woman! You look great! That took ten years off. Really. Did you get color too? I'm calling my hairdresser. There's not much to be done with mine, but I need a lift.

Dixie Grilley

Love the hair! and the scarf is d*mn nice too! You were them well!

Karen hair looks really great! Awesome!


you=your. I hate it when I do that.


Great new haircut!


Ah, love the haircut! I think I'm ready for the same. Can you really pull it back in a pony though?


Oooo I know I'm late on this but I had to chime in--your hair looks gorgeous!


I am behind But I did want to say that this new haircut of yours is fabulous, as is your Argosy scarf!


the new haircut is smokin'! love it love it love it!

Beth S.

You look great! :-) Especially the back--it's very sassy.

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