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Angie was our special guest at Knit Night last night!  She is working in our area this week -- in fact (DUH!), she's working within walking distance of my house and I should have either a) had her over for lunch-time knitting today (my day off), or b) met her someplace for lunch!  What a dope.  Wednesday lunch aside, I think we showed her a great time at Tuesday night knitting.  You know, I never thought I'd like knitting in a group -- I like to change into my comfy clothes, curl up in my chair, knit and watch TV -- but I really do like it.  There were some "regulars" missing last night, but some new (to me) folks... all very busy and intent.  Let's see, there were a socks, sweaters, hats, a scarf, and a baby blanket underway.

Dsc01658I finished my Noro/Cascade striped scarf while watching the finale of "Dancing," I just need to weave in a couple of ends, give it a soak, and pin it out.  Along with the mitered mittens and some chocolate, I think I've got my SIL's Christmas gift pretty well covered.

Just a word... I've been a fan of Marie's because I could relate to her more than any other star that's ever been on, and I'm happy that she took third -- she should have been given the boot a long time ago, but it is what it is.  Technically, I think Mel & Maks should have won, but I'm happy that Helio & Julianne walked away with it.

The minute I stepped out to take the dog on her morning walk, the snow started to fly.  Brrrrrr.



Snow kept me away from the SnB grrls last night. I'll be sad all week for missing it.


If it has to be this cold - I say bring on the snow!!! I'll be watching tomorrow night's game "with you"!


that picture makes it look like your house is really on the edge of a hill! I hope your walkway isn't slippery!


Sounds like a nice, cozy knit-night and I can't wait to see the scarf, but Ay-yi-yi-yi! That photo! What scares me is not the snow - having grown up further north in Wisconsin than you now live, I can deal with that - but, Vicki, do you live with the birds at the top of a cliff? Your house looks as if it's perched on the edge and the least little push would send it over the edge. I couldn't sleep at night worrying that that would happen. Guess it's a good thing that I reside safely down here in Flatland!


I completely agree with you on DWTS.


I love that shot of your walk. Beautiful and serene.


I voted for Marie up until the finals... because I wanted her to be in the finals, but I wanted either Mel or Helio to win. So, I cast my five internet votes for Helio! I think it worked out just right!

Snow... not really looking forward to that anytime soon. But my son is! :)

Ann K.

Sorry I missed Knit Night last night.. so bummed. Can't make 'em all!

I can't wait to see the Noro/Cascade scarf.. :)


Knit Night was much fun. Be sure that I'll be there if I'm in town. I should have called *you* and we could have both gone for *lunch* at Iris Fine Yarns. I ran into Maria at the yarn shop! As it was I just stole a few minutes, acquired a bit of Koigu, and munched lunch on the way back to work.


Looks like you all had a great time. I call those laps of memory times my mommy brain. LOL

Oh I would so love to have some snow. We had flurries the day after Thanksgiving, but nothing came of it. I swear that it is teasing us.

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