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I found my little bit o' country

Yes, indeedy, cowgirls and buckaroos, I watched the CMA Awards last night -- start to finish.  I was finishing the Hundertwasser Der Blaue Mond Argosy (still needs a bath and a block, but I'm wearing it anyway) and rediscovering my long-dormant country groove.  Other than a fairly recent dalliance with John Corbett a while back, my country groove has been so long dormant, it was nearly dead.

Well, reawakened, I am!  I tapped my toes and wiped away tears, I feel prodded and inspired and even a bit invigorated, and also heartbroken.  Big surprise.  Oh, and just when I was musing on Vince Gill, thinking how nice it would be to hear his voice, they cut away to commercial... and I did hear Vince Gill's voice!

Man, oh, man, funnier 'n hell!

I can be a little bit country and a little bit rock 'n roll (and to prove it I've set the DVR to record Oprah on Friday).



If you're calling Oprah rock n' roll, you've been watching too much country.

C'mon Janis! Don't forget your roots!!!!


We used to always watch the CMAs together but we've gotten off country in the last few years. I did see a few minutes last night and it was when the girl won the Horizon award and that made Dale and I both cry - and we'd never even heard of her. Hormonal, much? LOL


If you're calling the OSMOND's rock and roll you're plain crazy! LOL


Dang I missed them. I was wrapped up in Ghost Hunters. Sounds like a good show.

Love the Fruit of the Loom song. They are always so funny.


Donny and Marie - She's a little bit country, He's a little bit rock and roll! ;)

CMAs were fabulous last night. They aren't always - but I was so impressed by just about everybody!

Wish I had a DVR :(

Teresa C

I caught a few minutes of the CMAs. I'm not a huge country fan, but one of my favorite songs got song of the year honors. (Well I dug my key into the side of his pretty little souped up four wheel drive.....) Love that song.

I'm looking forward to Oprah, takes me back. :)

Joan Hamer

I'm not a huge country fan but I watched just to see The Eagles. Their new 2-CD set is great!It's playing right now as I knit!


Huge fans of the singing fruit here! Wish they'd release a CD!


I want to see your Argosy on a person, would ya'? I liked Reba and Leeann best.


The home movies for the little apple are HILARIOUS!

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