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17 October 2007


Dsc01372_2Addison was in my BIL's arms when I checked for fit and cuteness, and this was BIL's reaction (speaking for Addison, of course):

"At your service, my liege!"

Yeah, my BIL is a funny guy.  Ya think he was maybe not as tuned in to the cuteness of the Sweet Baby Cap as the rest of us.  The rest of us thought it was A-dorable (with a capital "A").  It fits beautifully, and it ought to fit all through the winter!

Not only did I not get a decently cute photo of the baby wearing the hat, I didn't get a decent FO photo of the hat, either.  Thank goodness we've been seeing each other often.


OMG --- I am dying over here! so cute!!!

That is the cutest. hat. ever.

Like cute overload!!

Aawwwww (with a capital A)!

That is SUCH a decently cute photo of the Addison wearing the CUTEST hat ever!

Yup. Cutest hat on cutest baby. Definitely. (At least until Cara delivers :)

So cute! I have to make that!

So very cute and it is really a photo that shows Addison's character. :-D

A perfect fit! Definitely deserving of the cuteness award.

What a great pic! Cute hat, cuter boy!

How precious! I love the widow's peak on the hat. Cute!

I agree with both you AND you BL!
It is almost too cute to look at- and part of the cuteness is from the overlord look!
Who could not be at the services of such a liege...

What a sweet lil' darling! The hat really came out adorable too! :)

This is the sweetest little hate on the sweetest little boy. Perfection itself.

Devastatingly cute!

Cute photo. Love the hat! Addison is getting so big!

OMG! That is too freaking cute!!!

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