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04 August 2007

I like new shoes, I like red shoes


Those are just the cutest things ever!

OMG they are so cute!!! What beautiful buttons too! :)

I LOVE THEM! I keep dreaming about those booties. I even showed them to G today and he just about plotzed!

Those are some SERIOUSLY cute shoes! Something says "there is no place like home" when I see them ;) TOO CUTE!

Oh, so cute! Those booties are everywhere, I swear. Makes me want to have another baby just so I can knit hundreds of those for him/her to wear!

Ohhhhhh, thank god I'M not knitting booties this week, and YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. However, I can hardly stand the cuteness of those. Abigail's first shoes were little red silk Asian shoes. I still have them and sometimes can't stop looking at them. Red is where it's at with baby shoes!!!

Perfect little baby shoes! I love the color and the buttons are so cute.

I loooove those shoes!

I like your little red shoes too.

Awww, I like these shoes too.

So adorable!

I LOVE THOSE! How adorable!

I love those booties and wish I had a baby girl to knit them for. However, I noticed you have the straps crossed the same way on both shoes. Should they mirror image the way they cross; in other words, should the top strap cross from the inside of the foot to the outer edge?

Love these so much that I, too, wish I had a girl to knit them for. The only friend's baby coming up is going to be a gender surprise so I'm sticking with socks. But if it's a girl they may get a bonus gift later! Love the red with the contrasting buttons -- cute but classy!

Melt-in-your-mouth adorable!

Absolutely adorable!

so very cute!

Red is a fabulous color! And those shoes are adorable.

There's no place like home, there's no place like home. They are bootiful! Lucky little feets :)

I have seen many of these shoes, but these are the first I have seen in red. Be still my heart little rub red slippers for little baby feet. Very cute Vicki!

I want them in my size! They are the cutest things ever, with the most perfect buttons - they're vintage aren't they?


Oh wow. I'm glad I read down a bit and found the pattern for these adorable slippers. Thank you so much!

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