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Lady Madame Victoria the Lackadaisical of Londinium-le-Thames
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Courtesy of Her Grace Lady Kathryn and her Studley Roger.

"The Lackadaisical..." couldn't be more true.  I think I'm definitely lacking the daisical today.  It started out okay -- the alarm went off as it should, I got out of bed, made a good strong pot of coffee -- but quickly went downhill. The note on the kitchen table that said, "Mom, You need gas," was definitely a factor.  Finding out that she wasn't kidding -- the gas pump light was illuminated on the dash, indicating a critically high level of need and requiring a stop for gas first thing (on a Monday?) -- definitely took its toll on the daisical.  It is my right, as owner of the car, to hand off the keys in such a manner and I often do (I also, more often than not, hand off the greenbacks to purchase said gas), but someone obviously needs further schooling in Borrowing Mom's Car Etiquette.

This morning's rain is a factor, no doubt.  Windshield wipers slapping time to the radio news, causing almost hypnotic reflection on one of the most sad and bizarre local news weeks in memory.  Three almost incomprehensible, freak accidents that each resulted in a tragic death; lives altered, burdens to bear, reminders of the fragility of life.  There's a beginning, a middle and an end to each life, and (wow) it can change in a blink.

Surprise1Enough with the maudlin.  The sun will come out!  It's already brightening up.  Moving forward...

I'm somewhere in the middle of my Baby Panic Surprise!  I have no idea, but I think I'm closer to the end than the beginning -- and I do believe we're looking at a sleeve.  I love the thick-thin of this yarn -- Arcaunia Magallanes -- and also the colors, from creamy white to limey green to spruce, avocado and olive, punctuated with an aubergine that is nearly black.  I love it.  I think this will be one unexpected (and I daresay sophisticated) baby sweater.  I've changed the background color of the blog to something close.  I think I may have a new favorite color.  Come to think of it, that's darn close to the color of the trim on my house, so maybe I'm being reacquainted with an old favorite.

Okay, so bordering on the random here (but not quite, V., I shall save it for another day)...  I have been accused in the past of skimming the blogs -- and rightfully so, there is no denying, I've even been caught (red-faced!).  There is so much to read and so little time...  Imagine my delight to discover -- on one of my favorite (and most informative blogs) -- that there is, indeed, a time and a place for skimming.  If you're not reading TECHknitting, you're missing out on one of the best resources around.  Pass it on.

Is it Friday yet?



Thanks for the blog tip. Sadly, tis only Monday ma'Lady. Perhaps the week shall shine on you none the less


Cheer up. It's almost the weekend.

Lady Sharon the Recumbent of Peevish St Victor

Oh my yes, where did our daisicals go? I appreciate the link on skimming, since I spent an hour last night doing exactly that. Nice to be validated. Your Baby Surprise will be all the more adorable for being a sophisticated color.


I noticed the new, plummier color- lovely!

That sweater is gorgeous, and very chic for the new baby-to-be! Can't wait to see it finished!


I like the color contrasts of the green and purple on the blog as well as the sweater. That baby surprise will be unsurprisingly magnificent!


hope you get some daisical back! shall we chat in the morning tomorrow, we have lots to discuss!?


Your baby surprise is looking the color-way you chose. Thanks also for the links...I'm a skimmer too... :)


hope you get some daisical back! shall we chat in the morning tomorrow, we have lots to discuss!?


Great color work, both on the blog and the sweater. That will be a very fashion forward baby :)

Sir Roger says hi...

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