By the light of an overcast morn
Nefertiti at the door, bearing tomatoes


PergolapeasLook what I found!  Sweet little baby pea pods... in the pergola!  There really and truly are peas in the pergola -- not just seedlings or sprouts or flowers -- real, actual peas!  I've never planted any kind of pea before, so I planted two varieties -- both sugar snap peas -- this one's a little shorter and started flowering earlier (hence the early pods).  I daresay we shall soon have a harvest!

Munch, crunch, munch.  I think most of them will get eaten right off the vine -- at first, anyway.

It's Wednesday, is it not?  It's kind of a Random Wednesday and I'm at work when I'm usually not and it's as good a time as any for a random kid update.

Maddy just called me, beside herself because "Guitar Hero" just arrived and wondering if she could hook it up to the big TV (the one that for a few minutes last night was sound accompanied by a bright, horizontal line, so -- yeah -- it's on its last leg).  She was up very early this morning, considering that it's Day Two of Summer Vacation, off to school to see about making some changes to next year's schedule.  She's been making good use of that new driver's license, also.

I had to stop and see Alison -- at the tattoo parlor -- last night.  The second wing is well underway (so she won't be flying in circles anymore).  I've got to tell you, it's been quite a while now and I've even considered getting my own (still considering), but it still makes me catch my breath sometimes.  It was quite a leap, for one thing -- from having one word tattooed on the inside of her wrist to big, full-blown wings on her back -- on her whole back.  Forever.  (This, Stephanie, is the kind of thing that can happen when you're the mother of headstrong, independent, creative, beautiful, live-life-to-the-fullest, it's-all-or-nothing, no-holds-barred adult children.)  No returns.  Ali is going on her first blind date tonight.  Bowling.  With the roommate of a co-worker.  Bowling.  It makes me grin from ear-to-ear to think of it.  My grandpa was a fantastic bowler, but I'm not so sure it's in the genes.

Katie is gettin' downright giddy.  First, my stepdad replaced the alternator in her car, and did some other troubleshooting, so now her car is running better than it ever has and she's pumped.  (I have got to take that girl to a car show -- we'd have a blast.)  She's getting so excited about moving to Madison in August -- she loves her new neighborhood (the one where the nearby elementary school has compost bins and little classroom gardens -- no milk carton bean sprouts there!); her work transfer request went smoothly and she even visited there and met the manager last weekend; she's back on track with the long-term plan and finishing school is the first thing.  So cool.

It dawned on me recently that there will be an empty room when Katie moves and I've got plans.  It's actually not the best room in the house for a bedroom, anyway, but it will make a mighty nice... um... I hesitate to call it a fiber room or yarn room or sewing room... it will make a nice Vicki Room.

So then, while I was upstairs cleaning out the closet and looking around in that room -- most recently occupied by Alison, but occupied over time by all three girls and even, when Maddy was wee, all three at once -- it occurred to me that it might also soon be empty.  It's kind of empty now, in that no one actually sleeps there every night and except for all the stuff -- all the stuff which is wide and varied in nature since all three girls have occupied that room at various times from infancy to young adulthood.  Alison might move back for a while in the fall, but experience has shown (and I have learned) that I shall not be holding my breath, but I will be going with the flow (and, besides, I'll then be occupied with the Vicki Room).

It occurred to me that I could very well be standing in the middle of what might be used as a Guest Room.

I could have guests!  Who wants to come over?  Do I need to get bunk beds?  I'll let you know when I can start taking reservations.  ; )  This could be another benefit to having adult children.  It still smarts, that some of the most fun parts have gone by so quickly and I wasn't ready yet, but it's time to move on, look forward.  (Someday, I might even have two Guest Rooms.  I could even have a B&B!)

Lily1 Lily2

The actual knitting has been so very, very pitiful around here, but not for lack of inspiration.  My Lily of the Valley Smoke Ring kit from Wooly Wonka Fibers arrived the other day.  That could help get the needles going.  ; )


pamela wynne

Oh, yay for Guitar Hero! And an even bigger yay for the possible Vicki Room!

The summer tweed in your last post is really lovely. Here's hoping you find some knitting time soon.


tempting you to come visit MN ----'s/BackToThe50s.htm


A room of one's own...and your pergola, amazing stuff is growing in your garden. I must plant something this weekend.


me! me! me! I want to come over!


Well, I love the idea of the Vicki Room! It definately has a nice ring to it! If I am blessed to be invited - I shall come bearing gifts for your new digs! (ie... stash enhancement!!)

I shall return the favor and invite you up to my humble abode in return... if you want to come up in July - there is a group of us heading to Threadbear for a day filled with friendship, laughter, food, and fun! You are welcome to be my guest for the extravaganza!


My fiber room and guest room are one and the same. You'll love it!


DUDE! Whew! I got here before ANN. I CALL TOP BUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well if Carole's coming, I'm coming too! And oh, you peed in the pergola!!


You are so gonna need bunk beds!


I totally want to stay at your house...I'm always looking for a place to stay when I come back to WI to visit friends in the summer!


Nothing better than peas right off the vine this time of year. Yummm!


At least bunk beds. Can you fit in two sets?

Love the Vicki room. There has been a similar fruit basket turn over here as my daughter has come home after college, for a year or so. But not to her old room. So, maybe it will become my Lee room. Or a Lee/guest room. So exciting!


I want a Vicki room! Do we get to see a picture of the full tattoo?


There is nothing quite like peas fresh off the vine. Beautiful photo.


I still love your "let there be peas on earth.." post. And there they ARE! Peas! On earth! In a pergola! What could be better? Honestly.

Cindy B

Party at Vicki's! Woot Woot!

Watch the peas, bunnies love them. My garden ended missing a few plants (whole plants). They like to drag them off and eat them!


Pretty peas and yarn, can I come over to stay in the Vicki Room?


Remember my suggestion for a toe tattoo so that you know when to start decreasing for socks? You could do that...
Congrats on the peas! I caught my stinkin peacock eating a whole head of my baby lettuce in my garden yesterday! I put up a small fence to keep the chickens out but I forgot about the tall peacock...Aaaaagh!


A Vicki room sounds fabulous! Do we need to make a reservation? Does it count that I live fairly near to you?! :-p

I know what you mean, too, about watching the kids grow and being happy, yet sad. Excited, yet nervous. It’s sometimes very surreal.


yummy veggies and kit.


Have fun with the smoke ring pattern. Will you be working on it in the Vicki Room?

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