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06 May 2007

Weekend in green

Dsc00225 Dsc00226 Dsc00214

Lamb's Pride Worsted, from the frogged vest, hanging to dry after a de-kinking soak.  It's been a wool-washing weekend -- good and busy.

The garden offers up something new to discover everyday!  I found some pink.

Dsc00198 Dsc00217 Dsc00224


Pretty garden! I'm going to head off and wash some fleece!

Ooh, oo, garden identification! Umm. Lamb's Pride, Lamb's Pride, euphorbia, hen-and-chicks, columbine(?), bleeding heart.

Oooh! The Bleeding Hearts are back!

Oh, it's dyeing season again! Pretty.

so pretty! And there's nothing like washing the kinks out of some frog yarn, especially green yarn -- everything feels all fresh and new and full of possibility. :)

I am green with envy for your bleeding hearts.

So beautiful!

Okay - I'm with kmkat... garden id... I see the bleeding heart, and hen's and chickens... but I'm wondering if the green/yellow is lady's mantle?

I'm not so good with the garden stuff but I do recognize the yarn as - well - yarn!!

look at all those lovely shades of green -- I better get working in the garden so mine can look an eighth as lovely

Love the green and the garden pictures. Bleeding hearts are the bomb!

Oh, how lovely!

Gorgeous eye candy. I love green. :)

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