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16 May 2007

It snuck up from behind...

From out of nowhere, all stealthy-like, so I hardly even knew what was happening, influenced so subtly and yet by so many -- it's Larger Than Life!  It's a little bit Lynne, a little bit Margene, it's Ann and Katy, it's even Cara!  Can you believe it?  Cara is wielding a freakin' crochet hook (and just wait... wait 'til you hear what she's using).  It's a fever, isn't it Deb?  It's The Purl Bee -- Granny Squares and Babette.


Someone's put a HEX on me!!

In the face of everything I've got going, this is what I found myself doing last night.  The exact nature and duration of the spell is still unknown -- and the gauge is certainly not good!  I'm not sure what that means.  I don't know what I'll have to do to break it, but for now...

Y'all better watch your backs.


Indeed it is - I found myself going through my old Interweave Crochet magazines yesterday to see if something might have escaped me. I bought yarn for the darling Beachcomber Tunic on page 18 of same Spring 2007 IC magazine. There's something about 1 hook, 1 stitch simplicity!

If 'they' only knwe how viral this hookin' is;-)

Now you're talkin' about something I have some real experience with! I can not believe who's picking up the hooks out there!

You guys are KILLING me! I feel like a zombie who drank the kool-aid or something. I'm gonna start calling you Capt Hook. Or Dr. Hook?

Eeek! It's spreading! ;)

Oh, man. After reading Cara's latest, I zoomed over to Hobby Lobby to pick up the spring issue of Interweave Crochet. When they didn't have it, I got all pissy.

I blame it on all y'all.

Oh, great. Next thing you know, you'll be crocheting granny slippers with pompoms on the toes.

Hee hee, I was tickled to see this... you may have noticed I have been using my handspuns (which are still worsted weight and only a few ounces of thises and thats) to make the squares for this bag. It won't replace my primary passion, but I used to do huge amounts of crochet, back in the day, and it has been a fun way to put these early yarns to good purpose.

How adorable...and it is not a square! :)

It's been fun watching the hook spread like a wild fire through the blogs. I will resist! Well this week anyway.

You've caught the Granny-pox! I am fighting it, fighting it, but I'm going to interweave to buy that Spring '06 back issue just in case...

I've been sucked in, too! It was Babette that got me - well, actually the ripple afghans I've been seeing everywhere, but then I decided Babette would be much better and it's so easy!! I have a sinking feeling that the larger than life bag might be next.

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