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22 May 2007



Wouldn't it be nice if you could give someone a bouquet of forget-me-nots and they really would forget-you-not?  We went to visit Grandma yesterday.  I miss her.

Today's another crazy day...  I'm feeling out of the loop and like there's no time for anything -- almost incommunicado -- and I miss you guys, too!


What a lovely sentiment. We miss you, too!

I just now came in from taking pictures of my forget-me-nots and I couldn't remember their name. How ironic!

Not only do I miss you, but I love you too!

I’m glad you had a chance to visit with family and enjoy each other. What a perfectly lovely way to spend the day.

((((hugs)))) What a perfect tiny blue flower!

Ah, I've wished the same thing (or something like it) with my own grandmother. We miss you too! Take care.

We'll be here whenever when you get back! Luv ya.....

Wouldn't it be wonderful to give everyone we love those flowers so they never forget us? What a wonderful thought, Vicki. I, too, missed my grandmother before she passed. I hope we know each other always. :-)

I miss the people my grandmother has forgotten *for* her, if that makes sense.

(In other words, she has forgotten my grandfather who died long ago -- and I miss him for her.)

I love forget-me-nots. They grew like weeds at my Grandma's and my brother and I used to pick them. She had pink, white and blue ones. My brother died at 5.5 years. Now whenever I see them I think of him and it is a sweet little reminder of the love we shared. I enjoy all your pictures and read on a semi-regular basis, even though I don't comment. Your blog is really interesting.

I'm sorry about your Grandma. Mine had Alzheimers and it was just so hard to go see her when she wasn't even there, just her body. I hope you had a good trip, regardless.

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