"baby a"

The wheel is turning

I have had my nose to the grindstone.  I am happy to say that it's paid off and I'm all but finished with the taxes -- and I've still got some skin on the end of my nose!  Tomorrow, I will do a final review and filing will occur!  Woohoo!!!

I have put the calculator down only to do some Easter socializing -- snuggling with my cutest almost-2-year-old nephew, eating ham and yummy roasted smashed potatoes (that I didn't even have to make!), nibbling the ear of a dark chocolate bunny and, last night, watching most of Dancing With the Stars.

With the socializing and watching (and a little bit of riding shot gun while Maddy's driving), I have managed to knit the back and both fronts of the Yarnplay baby sweater and bound/seamed the shoulders.  I'm contemplating knitting the sleeves from the top down, thereby eliminating another seam!  I'll have to figure stitch count and decreases rather than increases, though, and will all the recent taxing math (heh - it's like a pun!), I thought I'd just better wait.

Yesterday, the weather ran the gamut from blue sky & sunshine all the way to white-out conditions.  It sure was pretty in the end, but considering that the white-out part was at rush hour -- what a mess.  And HELLO, it's April!!

Tomorrow was when we were supposed to get slammed -- and I think that's still in the forecast.  It's also one of my last opportunities to get down to Oshkosh for the Gee's Bend exhibit:  Mary Lee Bendolph, Gee's Bend Quilts, and Beyond.  Fingers crossed!



Here's hoping the weather cooperates, Vicki. I haven't seen this particular exhibit but I've spent some time with Mary Lee and she's a wonderful, inspirational woman. And her quilts are fabulous, too!




The calendar says spring but the thermometer says winter. I'm sick of this, too!


I hope you make it to the exhibit. It's been some time since I have done any quilting, what with all the knitting. We are supposed to get slammed with rain and hail on Thursday. What lovely spring weather we are all having...


I saw the exhibit at Oshkosh. It's just wonderful. Make sure you check out the rest of the Paine Museum. It's a stunner.


I hope you can make it to the exhibit, Vicki! We're supposed to get slammed with 6 to 9 inches of snow tonight/tomorrow here, too. Poo. I guess the only upside is that it won't stick around very long.

Hope you had a lovely Easter!

p.s.: Have you heard of the Argyle Fiber Mill? My husband and I were on a drive the other day and I noticed this store. Now I'm anxious to get over there to check it out! http://www.argylefibermill.com/

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