If it feels good, it is good

Yesterday, while waiting for repairmen, I cleaned out a big box of stuff from when Katie & I did the laundry/computer room overhaul last year.  We'd thrown out and donated a lot, but there was a lot that I wanted to keep but couldn't take the time to deal with right then.  I found homes for most everything yesterday and the box is now empty, though I must admit that a couple of things made their way back onto shelves in the laundry/computer room, but many more hit the recycling bin and/or trash can.

Then there's stuff like this.

Dsc09881 Dsc09882 Dsc09883

Dsc09884A small sheaf of paper having to do with the Keirsey Temperament Sorter II from a co-worker of many years ago -- questions, answers, profiles, characteristics.  These are our answer sheets (Maddy was too young at the time) -- the questions aren't important here (as always, click to make big).

Mine is on the left (ISTP-Artisan Crafter), checks; DH's is in red in the middle (INFP-Idealist Healer), Xs; Katie's is at upper right (also INFP-Idealist Healer), checks; and Ali's.  Ali is different.  She's an ENTP-Rational Inventor; from the ENTP profile:  They are the most reluctant of all the types to do things in a particular manner just because that's the way they have been done.  As a result, they often bring fresh, new approaches to their work and play.

I just can't throw this stuff away.

Dsc09877 Dsc09880 Dsc09879

I wanted to show Cara a close-up of the letters on the Debbie Bliss Nursery Knits ABC Sweater.  They're done in reverse stockinette on a field of stockinette -- and they work pretty well!  The verticals get kind of lost, but with blocking and/or wearing, I think they'll be fine.  I've begun knitting yet another baby sweater -- this time from Lisa Shobhana Mason's Yarnplay.  I'm trying to use up stash yarn!

Back to laundry (I'm catching up!) and taxes...



There are some things that are meant to be kept. It's fascinating to read about the different personalities in your family. Where you suprised by any of he resutls?
The ABC sweater is darling.


The archivist in me hopes you never get rid of those papers! I am an ISTJ, but that's just a MBTI test, not descriptors to go with it. I think the alphabet sweater is great! Very cute!


I think it's fun to find old papers and stuff...........but, I'm so OCD that once I get started I can't stop.


Very cool! Not the taxes, but the everything else is ;)Happy weekend!


Thanks for the closeup! Great talking with you, as always. And you know I LOVE YOU TONS! ;-) (I think we should vote the other one off - but don't tell her, k?)


ooh! i can't wait to see your baby sweater! you know, i've yet to see on on the blogs. keep me posted!


As I read your personality types, I began to think, That must be a quiet household -- they are all Ixxx. Then I saw the last one, the Exxx. She must be the light in your lives. Our own household has 3 Ixxx and an Exxx, my husband. I must get us all to take this test so we can get the descriptors.

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