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Dsc00004I made a quick run for Sugar & Cream yesterday so I'm all ready to Tote My Granny Along.  The minute I saw that bag, I knew I wanted to make it in cotton!  This is what I came home with.  I'll dump and consider the dishrag stash before making a final determination -- which will be subject to change, anyway -- but a hooker's got to start somewhere.

Crocheting is not like riding a bike, at least not for me.  Perhaps because I never was really good at it -- never took the training wheels off, let's say.  I made two perfectly fine doilies and had a good start on a crocheted Barbie dress -- there's nothing like a crocheted Barbie dress (it was red)!  I still remember sitting tub-side on a little stool, crocheting that dress while overseeing the girls' bathtime, back in the day when bathtime needed to be overseen.  They don't need that when they're Twenty (I can't stop capitalizing it), not even when they're ten, so, yeah, it's been a while.  Anyway, I'll have to get out the How-To Hook Manual today.

Dsc00008 Dsc00006

It turns out, there were four knitters who also arrived early for knitting last night, so I had my date with them -- and the eight others who showed up during the course of the evening.  Eleven in all, most of them new to me!  I made a lot of progress on the Shape-It Scarf!  I love to see the regular color repeats all lined up when the stitches are all bunched up on the needle.  I love it only a little bit less today than I did the day before yesterday, so I think the timing of this project will be perfect -- by the time I'm sick of it, the knitting should be done.

Maddy happened to be at an event not far from the cafe, so I cut out a little early to give her and two friends a ride home.  I got home just in time to see the "bottom two" Dancing With The Stars contestants and Clyde's ultimate departure.  I predict that John will be next, followed by Billy Ray -- or maybe vice versa -- and then, I don't know.  Heather?  I like her a whole lot better than I thought I would.  Laila?  Loved her the first few episodes, but she's really got to step it up -- and let go of the control thing a little and learn to trust.  Ian and Joey and Apolo -- it'll be interesting.  Did I forget anyone?

I was ready to hunker down for Boston Legal, but ABC had a special report about Virginia Tech.  I really hadn't watched any news coverage -- video blips here, a caption or paragraph there -- and even with my limited exposure, I'd already tired of all the media "If..." interviews -- but I decided to watch.  We really liked Chris Cuomo's demeanor and reporting.  All I could think, though, when I saw the kids hugging each other and that sea of candles is that they probably would all really like to hug their moms!  I realized that, actually, their moms probably longed to hug them even more.




I like your Sugar and Cream colours, I don't crochet much, I would like to be much better at it too.
Its good you had a fun knit night and your scarf is looking great.


Those are great colors!


I'm so glad Clyde is gone - he really drug the show down. I think that John and Billy Ray will seem even more lame with no one to trump their ineptness. (is that a word?) But most of all, I want Heather to go - she's had preferential treatment from the judges all along and I've had enough. Gimme more Apolo!


Yeah {{{hugs}}}


You know what? It's going to be spectacular!


We watched, too. Big hugs all around.


"a hooker's gotta start somewhere"--you crack me up. I was so sick over Larry King's questions last night so I just turned it off. "Did you see your professor killed? And what was that like?"

WHAT WAS THAT LIKE?!?!?! come *ON* have you NO sense of decency sir?!


The cotton colors are marvelous. I too got a nice guffaw out of "a hooker's gotta start somewhere..." ha!

There is so much media coverage about VT, I suppose that is as it should be, but I wish there was more sensitive reporting. One of my co-workers lost his son in the tragedy and our local news station reported on it in a very insensitive way. During times like this, I really do want to hug those I am close to.


I don't know how to crochet but I think that bag will be wonderful in cotton. Hannah is away on a school trip and she was actually in Virginia on Monday. I had a mini freak out until I made sure that she was nowhere near Virginia Tech. She'll be home tonight and will be getting LOTS of hugs.


I'm so sorry I missed you yesterday! You know how difficult it is for me to get a shower. ;-)

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