April 16th


The best parts about yesterday:  1) when Ali brought her own birthday cake (hm, a new tradition?), and 2) when she read yesterday's post and I got a really big hug.

It's only the beginning.  There's a 10-day Birthday Bonanza at my house every April.  Ali kicks it off on the 16th, Katie comes next on the 22nd, and Maddy on the 25th.  That's not counting Aunt Arlene who, as mentioned yesterday, also has a birthday on the 16th; or Uncle Eugene (Arlene's brother) whose birthday would have been today; or Lester, my grandpa, who would have been 97 on the 28th; or my nephew who will be -- oh my goodness, is it 10 or 11? -- on the 29th... or is it 30th?

The worst part about yesterday was the senseless loss of life in Virginia -- college kids, young lives -- and unspeakable sadness.  Alison may now qualify for The BBC.  In all honesty, it just does not compute yet.  I hold my own kids close -- college kids, young lives -- and take comfort in all the little things.

Dsc05935_1Knitting is one of those little things.  I haven't been to my LYS in a while, but the last few times I have noticed a long, narrow, scarf-like shawl item displayed in a niche near the sock yarn.  I don't know why... I'm not a prolific sock knitter, by any means, and yet I'm always drawn to the sock yarn.

It's the "Shape It Scarf" from Sally Melville's The Knit Stitch and I'm underway with Southwest Trading Co. Bamboo, a Secret Pal gift from Rose-Kim Knits that's been patiently waiting in the stash since November of 2005.  Every time I've run across this ball in the yarn chest, I'd pick it up and give it a squeeze, feel it's heft, bring it to my face and draw it across my lips to feel it's softness, wonder when it's time would come and what it would become.  I think I've finally found it!  This combination of yarn and design is going to be fabulous -- the fairly short and regular color changes are working out very well -- and it's an item that I think I'll wear a lot!  It is not a difficult knit at all, and I am at the completely mindless part where it's just garter stitch on about 180 stitches for four inches -- I'm one of those easily entertained (or is it entranced) knitters, though, and the colors keep me fascinated.  It's only four inches...

I'm knitting out tonight!  In fact, I'm not even going home.  I'm taking yarn, needles, notebook and pens, and heading out early for a date with myself.

EditedToAdd:  Hahaha.  If your monitor's big enough, scroll down so that you can see both the Bamboo yarn and the top of Ali's head in yesterday's photo.  No wonder I've always liked this yarn.



Oh crap. She's definitely in the club now. I can't even think about it - it's so unbelievably crazy.

Glad the birthday was a good one! Have fun tonight. Talk to you tomorrow. ;-)


Thanks for the link to Cara's story -- I have a friend with a 9/11 birthday. Have fun on your date!


I love the term "Birthday Bonanza"! We have that in our family in July and it's very hectic!


Ahhh, I love hearing that she gave you a hug!


You know how I blocked an arrowhead lace scarf I made from SWTC? I soaked it for a long time, until it was totally wet, through and through, then used a towel to absorb most of the moisture and steam ironed the bejeezus out of it - I got the most amazing fabric when I was done! YMMV.


Add me to the Birthday Bonanza (Thursday, April 19) and my new baby nephew, born April 13!


I forget every year that we share the April birthday bonanza. Ours started on the 10th and runs until May 16th.
I'm also so glad you've been enjoying your bamboo and that you're ready to knit with it. Coincidentally I just started socks with yarn I got during the same swap! :)


Nice yarn! Um, you should see my sock yarn stash and I have yet to complete a pair of socks. I'm ashamed, but I am addicted to buying sock yarn.


Knit nights are my favorites. Our night is Monday and I always go straight from work. We're talking about Saturday afternoons now. Happy birthdays to all in the Knitorious family!

kathy b

I see the colors in her hair and the colors of your yarn! Yes, no wonder you love it. I love her haircut. I may take a copy of the image, if I can do that, and bring it to my stylist.

kathy b

I see the colors in her hair and the colors of your yarn! Yes, no wonder you love it. I love her haircut. I may take a copy of the image, if I can do that, and bring it to my stylist.

Bookish Wendy

A Huge Happy Birthday to Ali!

And a nice time out for you....

pamela wynne

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the whole gang!!

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