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I love this little cardigan more and more.  "baby a (baby's hat + cardigan)" from Yarnplay.

So far, I've deviated from the pattern in that I've three-needled the fronts to the back at the shoulders, leaving the back neck stitches on a holder, which means that I'll be picking up and knitting a few rows at the neck instead of crocheting that edge.  I also picked up and knit the sleeve from the top down, decreasing rather than increasing, of course, and knitting the few rows in blue, eliminating another seam altogether.  I love how it turned out!

I'm using Filatura Di Crosa Nikerboker from stash (bought on sale for $3/ball) -- I've lost track of how many balls I've used -- same yarn I used for a long ago, unsuccessful attempt at thrummed mittens and, more recently, for my more successful Elizabeth Zimmermann Rib Warmer.  I may have enough to do the hat.

Book club is cancelled tonight, so I'll likely get the other sleeve knit.  ; )  It has begun to snow and I got slammed with a killer headache late this morning, so the trip to Oshkosh has been postponed.  I will have to do it on the weekend -- not ideal, but it's then or never.  The snow isn't actually so awful right now, but the wind is horrid.

Speaking of storms, I just posted a new entry for DH at Rusty's Beach about the Great Chilean Earthquake and resulting tsunami -- and how a young artist was inspired.  ; )

Also, continuing with my ebay listings, I've got a few good herb books.  Julia has found an entirely different and very fun method for dealing with cleaning off her bookshelves -- there are still a few days to get in on the fun.


Mary in Boston

I love those colors for the baby a sweater. Nice combo.

We're supposed to get snow here tomorrow, and also on Sunday/Monday possibly. When, oh when, is Spring gonna spring?


It's so cold here today and the rest of the week, too. Snow expected tomorrow. All that warm weather in Dec. & Jan. and when you want spring most it takes its time arriving!
Love the baby sweater. I might need to knit that one.


The sweater is adorable - I love the color combo you chose.


I'm sorry about the headache! I hope it wasn't from all the yapping this morning. (And if it was, I totally blame the other one.)

The sweater is super cut and I agree with Carole - great color choices!


Thanks for the link! The sad thing is now that there is room on my bookshelves, I feel perfectly justified in buying MORE BOOKS! Sheesh.


That is such a cute sweater. The tweedy bits make it special.


Cute sweater and looks like a fun knit. It also looks very much like Sally Melville's Baby Albert (kid version of her Einstein coat) - wonder which one came first??




Beautiful sweater, and colors are fabulous!


I like the colors you are using. Very cute.


That is a very cute sweater! I love the colors too.


That baby sweater is SO cute. The colors look great together.


Cute sweater. I have the book, and was thinking about making it the other day.


The sweater is great! Very cute - I especially like the blue at the cuffs.

I hope your headache is gone by now! That's no fun at all, especially when it messes up your plans like that.


D#2 is thinking of starting a school group to do some charity knitting. Do you think this pattern would be good for a bunch of beginners?


The sweater is great. How are you liking the rest of the book? I've seen some interesting projects being created on the blogs from the book, and now I'm tempted to buy it.


Ditto all the comments on the baby sweater. I am looking forward to doing some baby knitting for our new Baby T (due any second).


I love the sweater and your mods to it! It's fun to be able to do those things with such confidence. The headache - SAME! Maybe a weather thing, although I'm a lifelong migraine sufferer but today's is wicked!

Ann K.

Vicki - You certainly have a great eye for color -- The baby's sweater is simply gorgeous! Great job...

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