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April 25th

Dsc00019_2And she is sixteen.

Sixteen is good.

Happy Birthday, Maddy.  I love you.

As of today, she is eligible to take her behind-the-wheel driver's test!

Dsc00013Madeleine shares her birthday with plenty of sports figures, actors and musicians, some politicians and rulers, a few scientists and writers.  She also shares her birthday with a great great great grandmother, Sarah.  I sometimes wish I'd named Maddy after her.

As it was, Maddy was supposed to be Zoe -- as were all the girls, actually -- but DH didn't like it.  He'd warmed to it by #3 and, knowing that our third child would be our last, he was willing to concede, but I just couldn't give a child a name that he didn't like.  His whole family liked it well enough, though, and they all call her Zoe!  (If we'd had a boy, he would have been David Michael after our two brothers.  If we'd had more than one boy, it's anyone's guess.)

It's hard to say where Maddy's path will lead.  She's interested in travel (Africa!), animals and the environment, and she likes to help people.  She is a fearless, formidable champion of causes near and dear to her, but also quiet as she stands to be heard.  Perhaps a future activist is in our midst.

With Maddy bringing up the rear behind Ali and Katie, so ends our little annual birthday parade.  This is always a time of reflection for me and you'd think I'd get used to it, but they continue to blow me away every year.  As it should be.

Mdsc00011_2 Mdsc00012 Mdsc00015 Mdsc00017 

They're also pretty good at making me laugh.  Let's have cake or somethin'!



Happy Sweet Sixteen, Maddy!


Another very beautiful daughter! You are so right about each one being an individual!


You are a lucky mommy indeed, Vicki. What treasures you have nurtured and grown. Happy 16th to Maddy.


Happy Sixteenth to Maddy!
Wow, all spring babies bang, bang, bang!
And best wishes to you, the Mom who lives through all these milestones! I have a sixteen coming up. How did that happen?


Happy Birthday, Maddy!


Happy Birthday Maddy.
What a busy month you have had Vicki and all your girls are beautiful.

pamela wynne



She sounds like an amazing young woman! Happy birthday Maddy!


Hmmm, sixteen, likes travel, Africa, causes, a future activist? Let's set her up with my older son in a few years, when the 6-year age difference won't matter so much. He's 22, African studies minor, arrested during the Republican convention, soon to leave for a year volunteering in Chiapas, Mexico, then med school in New York City and a career with Doctors Without Borders.


Happy Birthday Sweet 16 Maddy!!


Happy Birthday!!


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Maddy!!


My gosh you have three gorgeous girls! I hope my three girls (and one boy!) turn out as well as your daughters have. Thanks for sharing their birthdays with us! Our birthday trifecta is in June- the 4th for the twins, and the 9th for the little guy.

I wish all your daughters well in whatever direction their lives take them.


Happiest of happy birthday to your lovely and talented and beautiful girls, Vicki! It’s hard not to get all verklempt as we watch them blossom and grow, is it not?!


maddy is so adorable. i love her haircut. happy birthday!


You have a precious Maddy with a stunning haircut! Very cute kid. My Maddie (also Madeleine) will be 16 in August. She reminded me last night that she has only two Christmases left at home. I reminded her that while in college (and afterward) she would probably be coming home for Christmas. She explained that she wouldn't be here for the entire buildup to christmas from the stockings on St. Nicholas day onward. And she's right. Seems that tears come to the eyes more frequently as they get older--we have them for such a short, short time!!

Teresa C

My neice's birthday is the 25th, she turned 17.

It still just cracks me up that we were pregnant together three times over. My last will be 16 in August (so okay, we were pregnant together for only five months this time, but even less with our middles, mine is 20 in Dec.-one month shared!)

I had so much to say after reading your post about Ali, but (and maybe it was the PMS talking) I was all teared up and couldn't organize my thoughts. It is coming very real to me that this is probably the last summer all of my girls may be home altogether. Even so-they are all so busy that I may not see them anyway. A couple of things: First, I can't even comment on my feelings on that. I always say that I have raised them to leave, and I hope I have. I just know that having them go that far away will be hard. Second: The fall is a long way away. Meagan was practically engaged last fall. Now she has moved on and is seeing a new young man. Who knows where this will go. Sit back and wait and see. She may hang out longer than she thinks.

Vicki Forman

Oh happy day. And I love those squares. You make me want to pick up the crochet hook again!

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