Dsc09834Sky.  The skies here have been beautiful lately, Sandy, morning and night, any day of the week!  I caught sight of this morning's from the stairway landing as I rushed downstairs, socks in hand, behind by a few minutes (as usual) -- it changed a lot just in the amount of time it took to quickly put on said socks and shoes and dash for the camera.  It was only 2 degrees this morning, my hair was still wet, and I didn't stop to grab a jacket... this blog's a real task-master.

Snow.  Three inches expected by tomorrow morning.  Forty degrees by Thursday, Friday, into the weekend.  (Yippee!)

Pink.  I've been wearing a new pin made with beads and a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon, one of many given away at my aunt's memorial celebration on Sunday night.  It was a lovely remembrance event -- rich with family and friends, full of laughter and tears, brimming over with love.

Love.  I told my girls that if they can find someone who loves them as much as my uncle loved his wife, they'll have few worries.  They'd already picked up on that.  Smart girls.

Mittens.  Selbuvotter: Biography of a Knitting Tradition, by Terri Shea of SpinningWheel.net, is now available for pre-order.  Orders placed this month will have free shipping for the first copy (to the U.S. and Canada) and only $2.00 to ship each additional copy.  Long-awaited, this book looks like a real treasure -- and a triumph for Terri.  ; )

Dsc09836 Dsc09837 Dsc09838

Lately, it's been a race to see if I can photograph the knitting before it gets some kitty love.  I've been experiencing a period of slight boredom with the second mitten, but I can see that I'm nearing the exciting, redesigned top and then it won't be long before I pick out that red yarn and make some thumbs.



The sky does change quickly. We're in the 50s this week so it must be moving your way. I'm thinking about a pedicure and sandals;-)
As soon as Hidcote's done (this week!) I'm casting on for my mittens.


I love the paw in that left photo. Action shots are the best.


Gorgeous sky and gorgeous mittens in progress. I really like the colors you chose, very complimentary.


Yay! Mitten completion is at hand!


Kitty love, that's great. I love the mitten progress.

I preordered Terri's book a few days ago. I am really looking forward to it.


Vicki - YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!!


Ah but knitted things are so nice to sit on, even with needles still attached.
Your mittens are looking fabulous.

Dixie Grilley

Hey Vicki

Thanks for the heads up on the Selbu mitten book, I put in a request to carry it at the shop. Can't wait to see it!


A beautiful sky, indeed. enjoy every minute of them! And I appreciate you catching pneumonia for the blogshot! :)
Loving your mitten. And a mitten book. Macaroni and cheese one night next week won't hurt anyone!
xoxo and hoping for a better week for you!


Beautiful sky and lovely mittens!


Gorgeous photo, Thanks for sharing! Almost done with the mittens! They went fast, but then I didn't knit them;) Nice that there was a memorial for your aunt and that you're wearing your pink ribbon.


The mittens look great, Vicki! I love the kitty love ~ too funny. I know you and I are both looking forward to 40 degree weather this weekend and next week. Yay!


Here at the Lakeside Fibers cafe the clear blue sky and the dazzling white snow show the best of Wisconsin winter. But, we are waiting for spring also here in southern Wisconsin. Your mittens are continuing on their path to true glory. I love knitting kitties!! My cat also loves to knit and tries to steal every handmade item around the house. He's my best and most appreciative customer!!

Cindy D

We still need mittens in RI. The morning temps were well below freezing. BRRRRR....the mittens are lovely!


Your mittens are absolutely gorgeous. Fair Isle never ceases to amaze me!

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