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23 February 2007

What's the buzz?


The photo was taken last night, fresh from the shearing.  The length of Maddy's morning routine, as well as her hair, was considerably shorter this morning.

Isn't it cute?  Shocking for a moment, but definitely cute.  There's a good cause at the heart of it and I'm very proud of her.


God to be that young again and able to pull off a haircut like that. Although, I still do feel like I'd never want to be younger than 30.

It was fun having lunch with you the other day. We miss you immeasurably!!! NYS&W or BUST!

She looks so cute. I always loved my wicked short hair. With a little pink color? :)

She looks darling. Good for her.

she looks fantastic! I want a hair cut like that too! (and a face, and a neck, and a bod .....)

Very cute!

She looks darling!

Sooo cute!

I love it! It's so funky!

I'm guessing Locks for Love - such a great cause.


I love it -- hubby says I should cut my hair and that is the length I would love but he wants longer than that - so it stays long -- wonder if they want white hair for that good cause ;)

Maddy's hair looks great! I always dream to have hair that short, but it never quite makes it. Lately I've been liking almost to my collar, helps hide those neck wrinkles! And I LOVE St. Brigid, it's on my "I wanna do" list (and I have access to the pattern!). Found you from Chris...

It's really great. And I'm jealous of how fast it must be!

She's adorable!

so cute! i love it. sometimes i would like to just chop my hair off and do that too (only for a good cause as well!)

I love it!!

Did she do Locks of Love? It is cute!

She looks fantastic. I could never get away with hair that short (even when I tried!).

She looks adorable, but I am hoping you have equipped her with a handknitted hat or Calorimetry to absorb the shock of the cold!

I love it!

Wow. Yes, a tiny bit shocking, I'm sure..... but oh so cute, sexy and easy (to care for)! A wonderful look and all the nicer if it is for a good cause!


What a great kid! I've known people who have done Locks of Love and I admire them all. I've always wanted to try out really really short hair -- even though I'm pretty sure it would look like crap around my round face -- but my husband would probably divorce me if I cut my long hair. So I live vicariously :-)

It looks great! Seriously, not many people can wear their hair like that. Nice!

You KNOW I love it. I used to have my hair like that...I'm not too far from it now. I LOVE short hair. She looks FABULOUS in it!

From someone who has donated hair twice I say YOU GO GRRL!

She is so cute! That haircut looks made for her.

I love the little birdie tucked into the mirror frame!

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