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Three degrees of separation

Dsc09667Saturday Sky at Three Degrees Fahrenheit.

Somehow, Madeleine talked me into going out to grab breakfast this morning and we saw bald eagles flying in this cold, partly cloudy sky.  There is a carefully watched and very successful eagle's nest not far from our house.  I've actually seen an eagle perched on a branch in those trees, right in my own back yard.

I'll be going out at least one more time -- to the grocery store to set in provisions for IPD and to buy the ingredients for the still undecided, but definitely slow-cooking, kitchen-warming meals I'm going to make this weekend.

Dsc09661There is a new Calorimetry in the finished pile.  This one was knit using a few fewer stitches on 7US needles, Filatura de Crosa 127, Color 6.  If I'd signed up for Project Spectrum, I'd be right on track!  The button couldn't be better.  I don't think it's ever been used before because it still had the rusty metal loopy thing through the holes that originally held it to the card -- I don't know when they started using metal instead of thread.  I have one more ball of 127 for another of these, similar to this color but with the addition of brown, and then I think I'll be finished with them.

I was pretty freakin' timely with the Bookish Baby announcement idea for Wendy, huh?  S.C. Bookish was born late yesterday and I just couldn't be happier for the whole Bookish Family.  Congratulations!!



Brrr - that's cold! What a great sky photo, though. Thanks for being so dedicated:)


I wonder what size head Calorimetry was designed for? I made mine with size 7s instead of the 8s called for in the pattern b/c I think worsted weight should be knit on 7s, and it is very, very loose on my head. And I have a very, very big head. I've been wearing it this week and will continue to do so until the weather warms, but I think I may eventually frog and reknit it with 10 or 12 fewer stitches. At least.

But my ears and head have been quite comfy, thank you very much, and that's what counts.


I bought yarn today to make a Calorimetry for Hannah. I'm guessing I should downsize it some?


I cooked today for IPD but it looks like I will be splitting wood tomorrow since they are predicting major cold weather coming our way... boo... I was so looking forward to it and even had my funnest pj's picked out

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