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Dsc09725I'm afraid that when life returns to normal, I'm not going to recognize it.

I posted this picture, and a close-up of the top, on the Knit Like A Latvian blog yesterday.  I am very pleased with the chart change to make up for the difference in planned vs. actual row gauge.  I did have to rip back once and restart -- about an inch or so -- because it was still going to be too long.  I had to make one further chart adjustment and start the decreases sooner.

That bamboo needle lost a match-up with my butt -- I choose to believe that it was in an already weakened state and the fact that another one or two are splintering (having nothing whatsoever to do with my butt) supports my position.  In fact, I've been made well aware of a splinter in my left index finger -- there's nothing to grab hold of, but I can definitely feel it and even see a small red spot.  I hope it works itself out soon.  I finished that mitt using a much shorter survivor of the same-size birch set.

Originally, I thought I'd do the thumb before moving on to Mitten #2, but, alas, the stars had something else in mind.  I cast on last night -- using The 3-in-1 TECHjoin.  I tried to take pictures, but Angie's will have to do -- mine's just with smaller needles, smaller yarn, two colors.  I'm thinking I should buy another set of bamboo needles in this size -- I'm okay knitting the cuff with a set of four, but I'd prefer to use five, as I did with the first, by the time I reach the hand.

I'm kind of numb.  I am very happy that the weekend is here, but I don't know what to do with it.  I want to do nothing, but I feel like that's all I've been doing -- except for all the other stuff that I've been doing.  How can I be doing all the time and still feel like there's nothing accomplished?  I'm doing all these things, but never what I should be doing, never enough.  I know I'll be even more depressed if I reach Monday and haven't done anything.  I can't stop -- I'm afraid to stop and take a deep breath and make a list and think about it too hard because it'll only make me choke and start to cry and I'm not sure I'll be able to stop that.  That's probably part of it, though.  I probably need to take a big box of tissues and what remains of my Valentine chocolates and sit down for a good salty-sweet cry.

Things will be okay here.  They will. is a precious thing to be allowed to talk about yourself in public, not for reasons of simple exhibitionism but because the attempt to describe your experiences to an audience pushes you forward into an understanding of it.
                                   --Nuala O'Faolain

DH is reading Almost There by Nuala O'Faolain, where the quote is from, and I can't wait 'til he finishes so I can start.  I thought I read one of Nuala's books before, but now they don't seem familiar.  Maybe I tried, or wanted to, or had it on the list.  Maybe I just feel in love with and remembered her beautiful name.  I'm in an Irish mood, I guess, just finishing Teacher Man by Frank McCourtNora Ephron's I Feel Bad About My Neck is on the nightstand -- a book club read -- but Nuala's butting in.

Thank you for all your good wishes.  I've received notice of the planned Memorial Celebration.  My uncle made a little funny in the obit, too, something that would have made Deb laugh, makes us all laugh a little.

Things will be okay here.



There is nothing more therapeutic than a really good cry...and chocolate to go with it. Go ahead you need it...

Much love and hugs.


You know what? There's absolutely nothing wrong with doing nothing. Enjoy your weekend, do what makes you happy. Hugs.


The best way to grieve is to do nothing...just be. Do what will make you feel better...perhaps just starting the second mitten. It should hold up well if touched by chocolate and tears.
I read My Dream of You and thought it so amazing. It's a book I think of often.


Oh my friend - I wish we were closer - I would invite you over and we could sit and cry together. It would all be good because I know that in a very short time we'd be laughing our asses off. I'm crying and laughing with you. L, C

PS - Maybe it's time for a conference call? If anyone can cheer us it's the swine.


I vote for doing deserve it.


sugar - have a good cry, that sounds like just the thing you need. And sitting peacefully is absolutely not doing nothing - if it making you feel better, it is definitely doing something.


Whoa! You do need something, and some people think crying is good, but it gives me such a headache. So I can't make suggestions, but send a big hug. Peace.

Mary in Boston

(((Vicki))) Crying helps you heal. So give in to it, if you want. I usually feel much more hopeful after a good cry.

Sending many hugs and good thoughts your way.



On the bright side, your mitten is beautiful and the fix looks intended. Kudos to you for a graceful fix.


I'm thinking of you tonight, hon.


Your mitten is so beautiful. Despite the fact that I'm about to move to southern California and therefore no longer have a need for mittens, you have inspired me to dig out my Latvian Mitten book and get started.

lynne s of Oz

Such an odd thing, death.
Do what you have to do. If that involves chocolates and say a soppy movie, do it.
Pretty mitten! I'm almost inspired to do colourwork now :-)

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