Damn cars
More snow

The morning scene

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The back of the garage.  The start of the Williamsro remodel.  The pergola.

There's been a lot of blowing and drifting -- the walkway between the garage and house is almost free of snow -- so it's hard to tell exactly how much has fallen.  It was still snowing lightly this morning, but I think we're in a bit of a lull at the moment.  More is expected -- possibly 15 inches total in some places.

I have not knit on my Latvian mitten since Monday night -- almost a week!  I did finish the first of St. Brigid's cuff last night and sewed it on, and also started the second (quick knitting).  That's one oft-worn sweater that's currently out of commission and, while I don't wear it as often, I put Williamsro out of its misery this morning, too.  Hopefully, by ripping out and redoing the bottom part (picking up fewer stitches), I will wear it more -- because I really love that sweater.  I was probably knitting the original bottom part exactly a year ago, getting it finished off in time for closing ceremonies.  ; )

That's Roxie taking an interest on the last leg of the rip.  Scamp is on the chair, wondering whether it's worth getting excited about -- he did take a swipe and catch some yarn when it dangled within reach during the winding up.  I don't really want to, but I suppose I will separate the double strands of Blossom into singles before I give it a bath to de-kinkify before attempting the re-knit.



Something like 8-10" here in n.w. Wisconsin. I had to break out the big-ass Sorels to bring the dog in from her tieout.


I love the cat peering over the top of the table.

Sorry to have missed you this weekend--but Deb and Chris promised to keep me posted on any new plans! It'd be great to meet you.


Nice garage! We lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba once and it drifted and snowed for so long, that we could not get out the back door and had to go out the upstairs window and then dig out the door! That is why we retired to the West Coast!
Let me know how you separate the strands! I may want to try that on a reclaimed sweater.


I took a peek in the 100 things ablum. Your children patterns remind me of my mother sewing for four little grrls.
We're waiting for snow today. It's blowing like gangbusters! It was so enjoyable to hear your voice yesterday. I can still hear the warmth timbre of your voice in my ear.


I am continually surprised with what a gorgeous garage you have!


We got lots of snow down here in South Central 'sconsin, too. I guess Madison got 15" (at the airport)? Wow! I hope you and yours are safe and warm tonight.

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