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The 6th little thing

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The 6th of my 100 Little Things... 

The art glass bird was a birthday gift when I was 8 or 9.  Soon after the giving, it was dropped and more than half of the once long and tapered tail broke off.  Notice how I won't take responsibility, nor place blame, for the dropping; truth is, I don't remember and it doesn't matter.  On the way home from picking it up after having the tail ground down to a smooth stub, while being passed around the back of the station wagon (at a time when no one took a seat belt seriously) and undergoing a thorough examination by the entire entourage, the bird was dropped again and this time the beak was chipped.  As with the original infraction, I can't tell you who did it.

I always loved the colors of this bird.

I found a similar one at the antique mall on Friday afternoon -- where I spent an idle couple of hours while my car was diagnosed and the fix made.  Its tail was intact, but the beak was chipped.

I'm sure my mother intended to start a collection, to ignite in me a passion for the Art Glass Bird.  I think she always wanted us -- especially the girls -- to have collections of fine and fragile things.  Still does.  The fragile never lasted very long, though, and once broken or chipped or repaired, I suppose there didn't seem much of a point in adding to and fluffing up the collection.  As an adult, I have a lot of collections, but not much of it is really fine and fragile.  Well, sure, there's lots of fragile -- depression glass and stoneware, mostly, and a little china -- but almost all of it is practical and "everyday" and I have no qualms about using any of it -- and if it breaks, it's just more fodder for the mosaic stash.



The green of the bird is really pretty. And the mosaic collection makes such great use of your recyclables. Makes it hurt a little less when something gets broken, I imagine.


My mother also seemed to want me to collect 'fine and fragile things'. She bought me a bone china tea cup and saucer handpainted with roses, beautiful dolls in various national costumes, a porcelain horse. I don't remember what happened to the tea things, the dolls sat, unloved and un-noticed, on a high shelf in my room, the porcelain horse was chipped and eventually broken beyond repair as it galloped across the lawn. But I carried my cherished fragments of dinosaur bone and the jar of memories (pebbles from places I loved) to England in my suitcase and I still have them, 40 years on.


Very pretty bird. My mother gave my daughter a little glass birdy similar to that (in shape and material, not colour) that was my grandmother's way back when. I had never seen another glass birdy like it until now. :)

lynne s of Oz

I've never seen a little birdie like that.
My mum gave me dolls. Then when I was old enough (ie a teenager) suddenly we got porcelain dolls. My sisters have the dolls now - I never had a place to display them and despite having dolls all my childhood, don't really want them. I'm with Sarah - it is the momentoes that I take with me.
I hope things get happier for you!


Sweet little bird. I love collecting stuff too -- so fun!


Very pretty love bird! I started (on my own) a birdie collection. I love birds, and it just isn't practical to have a live one, so I guess that's why I collect them (:>

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