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Purge, baby

Dsc09745Okay, I spent half the day cleaning our bedroom today.  It was in such a terrible state that either The Addams Family or The Munsters would have felt right at home.

I didn't deal with every single area, but I dealt with the ones that were bothering me the most -- the vanity bench that doesn't do anything except collect junk, the top of my dresser (same thing), the top of my pseudo-nightstand.  The dust was thick, but gone now, and the vacuum got a damn good run.

It feels great.

Imagine the wry smile when I opened an apparently seldom opened vanity drawer and found this.  It'll be two years (!) next month since I quit smoking.  I realized that the milestone was approaching earlier this week as I bundled up at work to go to the mailbox and one of my co-workers (also a former smoker) reminded me that I used to do that several times a day just to go out and smoke!

I do wonder, sometimes, how I'd be handling some of these situations in my life if I were still smoking -- less angst, more angst?  (I know I'd be thinner in any angst.)  Smoking, "taking a break," always gave me some time and separation (however brief, since at 2 minutes per, I was one of the fastest smokers on the world) to blow off steam, cool off, think things over -- I wasn't as apt to blow up or end up with a mouthful of my own foot.  Alas, I won't be testing any theories or anything, but I do wonder.  And still miss it once in a while, but I am amazed at how infrequently I think of it these days -- even in times of great stress.

Back to the nicotine patches.  There are 12 of the advertised 14 of the clear, Step 3 patches unopened, still in the box.  They actually expired in October, but I'd still use them if I needed them.  Does anyone need them?



Congratulations! I just passed my two-year anniversary in January, and I'm very proud of us both. I still occasionally think about it, especially when DH has just lit up. I feel much better though, and I'm glad I don't hack and cough the way DH still does.
Hooray for us!


It's been 8 years for me! I was in a social situation this week attended by a former spouse (we've been divorced 10 years) and he still smokes. He made many anxious trips outside in the cold to light one up. I tried not to gloat but I felt empowered by not having that monkey on my back anymore (as well as the ex-husband!). I made sure he knew that it's been 8 years for me. "Living well is the best revenge." Sweet!


why is it that you only feel that taking a two minute break every now and then is only right if you are a smoker -- if you need that time to gather you calm do it!! Just don't go to the same spot the smokers go to - so you aren't tempted --


Congrats on 2 years!!! I admire you for that. Not sure I'm ready...


Oh my gosh, what a coincidence that I checked your blog today. I quit smoking 3.5 weeks ago and it is getting worse and worse. Today is a really bad day. I dreamed that I was tossing someone's house looking for a pack. Drawers and closets and cabinets all thrown on the floor and frantically going through them with tears running down my face. I'm so ADD I can't sit still. Knitting like a fiend. Something weird happened when I was picking up the fronts for my Lady of the Forest Shawl, I can't figure it out and I'm terrified to frog it with my hands shaking so. So I've dropped that and started knitting something new (at least once if not twice a day). So frantic my judgment is off. It doesn't look like it's going to work so I drop it and start something else, again and again, but just keep those needles moving.

So you say that after two years, you don't think of smoking often? The sad thing is why should we still think of it at all after two years? Actually, that's really depressing. Aaarghhhh! Normally, I am a very calm and very rational person, so my current state is really getting to me.

I checked your site about Calorimetry, which I am knitting on and I unfortunately listened to all the very small heads out there and of course, mine came out too small (112 sts. on sz. 6s in Kureyon). They weren't checking their gauges and my head is 24" and I needed that length. Oh well, I'm not tearing it out and will just give it to someone and maybe knit another one. Noticed you knitted in the recommended yarn at I assume the recommended stitch count. Love your Williamsro. It's on my list.


Congrat to you on your 2 years, January was 2 years non-smoking for me (not a big smoker but nontheless). And this weekend I also purged (not that kind ;) three rooms top to bottom this weekend. OMG the time it takes and cleaning sucks but WOW I feel ten times lighter! 16 hours, 2 orange garden bags garbage, two green bags of clothing, and one spare room FULL of garage sale items! 3 rooms spic and span, Pricless! Wishing you a better week.


Congrats! It is definitely a milestone to be proud of!!!


YEAH for you!


OMG Vicki ---- the same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. Going through a basket in the bathroom and came across the patches. I am hanging onto mine in the hopes that Mr. Boar will slap some on. congrats to us my dearie!!


Making a clean sweep of the things you can is so threaputic. Life is all about accepting what is and working our way through to accepting it all. You are one strong grrl as two years without that vice, which has a strong hold, shows. You can tackle anything and come out on top.


I'm all about the purging and decluttering right now too, although my bedroom is still the catch-all area for all the stuff that doesn't have a home.

Congrats on two years! I'm so proud of you!

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