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Well, this was just going to be a little on-line note to myself about things I wanted to mention, elaborate on, think about and/or link to, but it took off!

In observance of St. Brigid's Day, I'm wearing St. Brigid today.  ; )  It's totally by fluke, but I'll take it.

I still have my original Miss Dashwood.  I was hoping to give it to a niece a year and a half ago, but "she" turned out to be a "he" instead.  After the young Mister was born, my sister threatened to keep trying for a Miss -- as long and as many as it would take -- because she had to have that hat!  I'd love for them to have a girl, but mostly, of course, a healthy little baby.  I have decided -- given the knitterly influences of the past year and having seen one gorgeous specimen after another of late -- that I shall knit a Baby Surprise for the new baby.

Yesterday, I mailed off a couple of Red Scarves and three other boxes, each containing an albatross a doll, that I sold on ebay.  I lost my shirt on the dolls, but it is part of my purge process and so it feels good.  What I've gained emotionally by getting rid of them is worth the price.  Now, I have to find my Decluttering Calendar and get back on track!  I was happy to see a thumbs-up review for It's All Too Much from Beth at My Simpler Life; I recently bought that book because of another good review and it's part of my plan -- I just have to find make time to read it.

My total Runagogo mileage for the month of January is 24 -- 14 on foot, 10 on wheels -- a few miles shy of the minimum target.  I will try harder this month.  I think most of my miles will have to be on the bike, and they do go faster, but I will increase the level of difficulty each time.  It's the best I can do.  ; )

It is going to get COLD.  "An arctic cold front sweeping over the region... bitterly cold air will arrive on strong northwest winds... could create dangerously low wind chills."  It's snowing right now.  On Sunday, the high will be 1(One)F.  I don't think there could be a day that screams INTERNATIONAL PAJAMA DAY more than that, do you?.  I'll be in my pajamas and robe and warm cozy slippers and I'll probably have a down throw handy!!  Hey, I think I might even have a nightcap tucked away in the closet.  ; )

Have you been reading Celia's IPD count-down tips?  Go.  Prepare!

And have you noticed that TECHknitting is back?  As luck (that would be mine) would have it, she's recently written about GAUGE, ease, fashion and fit, as well as JOGLESS stripes in the round.  Bookmarked.

You know, I may even stay in on Saturday.  It would be a good weekend for cooking and baking.  I also plan to work on Coup d'Etat.

And mittens!  I was cutting and taping my photocopies of charts last night -- no firm decision about pattern(s) yet, but I'm closing in.  I have also created a Knit Like A Latvian blog!!  I still need to spiff it up a bit, but if you're interested in eventual posting/participating -- now or in the future -- please let me know via comments or email and I'll put on my Nefertiti hat and grant you permission.  This is a fun, no-pressure knit-along with a soundtrack/playlist -- one I'd like to expand, so send your musical selections, too.  I Walk the Line and Wichita Lineman come to mind, as does These Boots Are Made For WalkingHit me with your best shot.  ; )  Egypt, Latvia, knitting, walking, anything loosely associated will do...

I am doing very well in the UFO Resurrection Challenge, and look forward to February!

Tomorrow, after a little dive into the button box, I will have a cute (and fast and useful) little FO to show.



How about Patsy Cline, Walking After Midnight?


I love the Latvian KAL idea. I am behind on my Warm Hands participation and I have been intrigued by Latvian mittens lately, so there it is, a natural match. Sign me up!

Song suggestions:
Walk on By (Dionne Warwick or Aretha)
Walk of Life (Dire Straits)
Walking in Memphis (Marc Cohn)
Walking on Sunshine (Katrina and the Waves)
Walking the Floor Over You (Ernest Tubb)


Your post did take off! I'm going to check Knitting in Estonia tonight. In the past my success with stranded knitting and small items has been sucky...time to revisit!


How could you forget These Boots Were Made for Walking?


Oops, my eyes skimmed over that one. *slaps idiot sign on forehead*

Madame Purl

Love the Latvian KAL - I'm doing an Estonian pair and have want to do a Latvian pair next.


Can I redeem myself with Walkin' Away (Clint Black) and Dead Man Walking? I promise I'll stop commenting if so. LOL


I guess I am the only one excited about IPD -- sounds like a plan as long as there are no Super Bowl parties to go to - or anyone coming over to watch same... but heck my pj's are cute so why not wear them then too. :D

Congratulations auntie!!


You can't "Walk on the Wild Side" without Lou Reed!


Stay warm, Vicki! Unfortunately, we have to be out and about both Saturday and Sunday. Argh. It’s interesting, however, how my three cats go to the door thinking they want out and then quickly turn around and run back inside instead. Who can blame them?!

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