Love grows

Please, allow me to introduce sewing assistant.  This is Roxie.  I tried to get a better photograph of her, but, unlike Duncan, she's not very cooperative with the local papparazzi (and don't even think about a close-up!).  She doesn't get along very well with Duncan, either, so I guess you could say that they're cut from different cloth -- and she definitely likes to sew it up.  ; )  Roxie is a sweetheart and never very demanding, so I tolerated , even allowed her "assistance" yesterday.

Coup d'Etat is all sewn up, but I haven't tied off and woven in all the ends yet.  There's still a possibility that I'll want to knit and sew in a small gusset at each underarm.  I'll let it stew a little while longer before I decide.  The sweater looks fantastic, and I love it, but there are some issues.

The mitten.  There is no question that the mitten will fit me like a glove because I try it on and admire it every two or three rounds.  ; )  I did not rip, I carried right on, and to tell you the truth, I do see improvement in my knitting even since beginning the hand.  It makes me happy to see it, too.



Helper kitty! Of course things are better when you have such great help around the house. Good to let the gusset decision ferment a bit - I'm sure you'll come to a comfortable decision on it soon.


Roxie is doing an excellent job of accenting the yarn -- the light flecks are very interesting at that camera angle.


Aww, such a sweet kitty! Tortoiseshell kitties are so wonderful, I'm coming up on the first anniversary of the loss of my tortie and I miss her so. Seeing one of her cousins on your blog and on Crazy Aunt Purl's helps :-)

I can't wait to see Coup d'Etat all done! The yarn is gorgeous.


You knit Coup in the same color as I knit the Everyday Cardigan. I can't wait to see it finished!


Hey there Roxie! She looks like a very fine helper. Let's here the issues...cough it up.


Aww...welcome Roxie!


Having the fabric properly pre-warmed is important! What a good assistant.


I'm psyched to see it! Have you ever washed Peace Fleece before? You'll be amazed at the transformation. I hope it makes the arms the way you want them in the end. That would be cool, wouldn't it?


What a cutie!!!! I love the mittens Vicki... that is a great color combination.

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