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My mittens will match my flannel pajama pants.  ; )

There are just a couple of rows in this pattern where I have to finagle three colors and I can't wait 'til they're behind me -- it becomes quite an entanglement at times.  I'm still working on the cuff and there are probably another half-dozen rows before the hand, and I am SO PLEASED with how it's turning out so far, well worth the wait and all that practice.  I hope the good feelings continue and that I can eventually give two Latvian-mittened thumbs-up -- both a right and a left.

I had a SUPER day yesterday.  It was the first International Pajama Day that I was able to spend the entire day in appropriate attire.  I did a little work and computer stuff in the morning, did some cleaning and some cooking, and also listed three more items on ebay.  I'm right on track with my goal of having an average of at least one item listed/sold per week -- and so far, no "buys."  I get on, do my business, and get off.



The cuff is wonderful - the colors are stunning together and I love that braid!


How wonderful you are able to make your goals. I guess it would help me if I made a few. First up finish some knitting! Your mitten looks fabulous.


LOL - I hope you don't often have to wear your mittens and PJs together! ;)


What a fabulous start to your mitten Vicki, it's going to be great!

I am quite envious of your celebration of National Pajama Day. I am going to have to get in on this celebration the next go around, it sounds like just the thing for relaxtion...


Beautiful mitten start! But what - no pictures of you in your jammies???

Nessa Zimmerman

Your mitten looks luverly! I really like your color choices, too. The Latvian Mittens book is a great resource, but I can't say the color combinations really >get< me. Coincidentally, I'm starting a pair of my own, and am just starting on cuff patterns. Aren't those braids a trip? I've got fringe, too - which was scary at first but is actually not as likely to pull out and unravel as I thought. I'll be watching your progress...


what's your ebay handle?

the mittens are lovely - warm wonderful colors - love them!


Gorgeous - very inspiring. And nice mitten cuff too ;) Just kidding, I am only sad that I didn't find out about Int'l PJ Day earlier.


WOW - that is a beautiful beginning of a mitten!!


Did not spend the day in pyjamas, as my DH and I went out shopping!
I love the mittens! Today the pattern for the Rib Warmer arrived. I may write from time to time for help - I have been reading the pattern carefully and feel that perhaps once I start I will see it all more clearly! If not, I might beg for some guidance.


I love your mittens Vicki - you are doing a fantastic job!


Your mittens look really great! What size needle are you using?....the stitches look so tiny! Stay warm!


The mitten looks great! I am going to delve into two color knitting this year for sure. If I could have stayed home for International Pajama Day yesterday, I surely would have. Unfortunately, we had to be out and about. Maybe next year! :-) I hope you are staying warm! Isn't this ridiculously cold?!


Your mitten looks great, I love your colours. I love flannel jammies, my favourite ones died on Sunday, very sad!



Cindy B

Vicki! Awesome mitten, I love the colors. They are beautiful. I too, spent the day in my p.j.'s, it was heavenly.


Lovely cheerful colors - and I bet those suckers will be VERY warm too! Perfect for winter.

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