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Dsc09819 Dsc09821Dsc09822It really didn't snow much during daylight hours yesterday, but we got another little bit last night. It's still snowing lightly and the flakes are getting bigger.  It's piling up this time because there isn't any wind -- good snowball snow.

Dsc09823I think I'll call this Cuff with Cat Tail.  I had barely begun arranging things when Duncan decided that curled up on St. Brigid was where he wanted to be.  The cats have all been a little funny, not sure what to make of the weather and all.  Anyway, both cuffs have been completed and were sewn on during the Oscars.  I absolutely LOVE them and the sleeve length is perfect now.  I think I want to do something similar at the "hem" of the sweater, but I'm not sure if I want to do exactly this.  I'm thinking a little more substantial -- but only by a little bit.

Dsc09812 Dsc09813 Dsc09814

For my next trick, turning doubled yarn into singles in a room with three weather-crazed cats!  I thought I may as well get it over with, so shortly after posting yesterday, I separated the double strands of Noro Blossom used to knit the bottom part of Williamsro into singles.  I'd ripped from the sweater into piles on the floor which I then loosely skeined on my arm; with the least amount of handling possible, I took each "skein" and placed it on the table, carefully pulling apart the strands into two new piles on my left and right, and then loosely skeined and tied off each of those.  I ended up with eight small skeins in all.  They took a tepid little bath and I squeezed 'em real good in a turkish towel, then strung them onto the business part of one of those trouser hangers from the dry cleaner's.  (I haven't been to the dry cleaner's myself in over five years, and never with trousers*, but somehow I never run out of these hangers.)

*Since watching Helen Mirren on Barbara Walters last night, "trousers" is my new favorite word.  I think I shall be referring to my fat ass as my "big bottom" in the future, too.  I just loved her in that interview.  I don't remember what the question was, but when she declined to answer on camera and told Barbara, with a smile, that she'd tell her later...  (Helen Mirren does not wear trousers -- and abhors shorts -- because, she said, she has a big bottom and short legs and they don't look good on her.  I'd never have guessed -- she always looks fabulous.)



I love your pergola. Did you purchase it as a piece or build it yourself? We're contemplating building a large one that will cover our back patio so that we can train something viney across it to get some shade in our backyard. Do you vine anything across yours? If so, would you mind sharing what you've found works best?


It's great that your new cuffs worked out the way you wanted. I love Helen Mirren!


You describe handling the yarn with loving care! Helen Mirren is my favorite star..hands down. She's so real and fresh and SO GOOD at acting. She looked fabulous last night.


HM was by far the best dressed last night. Fantastic. You know she can tell a really dirty joke too.

I wish we had good snow. We got some, but I'm afraid it's all going to be slush very soon. I'd LOVE some good snowball snow.


I LOVE the cuffs. The cat tail totally makes that picture.


The new cuffs are fabulous!


Your new cuffs look great, bet your glad to be done with the re-skeining of the Blossom. What are you going to do with it now?


Heh-heh, yes, because "pants" in British means "underpants." Or they prefer to say "knickers." So I had to get used to saying "trousers," and it never sunk in very well. Did I ever tell you about my first week there, telling them about my exercise routine that was really good at firming my fanny? "Fanny" in British is "vagina." "Fanny packs?" They can't stop cracking up. It's called a bum pack.

Wow, did I ever make an impression in the office. HAHAHAHAHAHAH. (this is a true story)


Cat tails and cuffs - looks like your weekend turned out just fine! We have a bit more than a foot of snow - maybe 16 inches. You really would not have wanted to drive in it. More importantly - Kate has come down with chickenpox which pretty much makes me homebound for the next 5-7 days!


That cuff looks marvelous! I am a Helen Mirren fan, I enjoyed that BW interview too. I like the word trousers, especially when someone with a British accent says it.


Also a Mirren fan and that Christian Lacroix dress was simply "to die for". Hmmmm, why is it that you are separating the Blossom yarns out? What happened that you didn't like in the border of Williamsro?
I'm knitting a huge thing in Blossom right now, which I quite enjoy.


I love your cuffs - you were so clever to think of that fix. :)

Helen Mirren is one of my favs. I told DH this morning how fabulous she was looking as a "woman of a certain age."


Great work with the cuffs and the Noro! Even the kitties approve:) What a winter wonderland!


I'll add my voice....the cuffs look great. Clever thinking! I love the way that cable looks.


I love Helen Mirren. She looked fantastic in that dress. She probably always looks fantastic because she never wears trousers and shorts! You gotta know what works for you.
My kittens ran out into that great fluffy snow at lightning speed and then discovered it was up to their tummies. They carefully lifted each foot and gave it a shake at each step. It didn't stop them from exploring, though.
Nice cuff - again, you gotta know what works for you!


Lovely snow pictures! It makes a big difference when your house is surrounded by trees and the snow attaches to every.little.branch just right. :)


I was thinking about that mod on the hem too. 'Course I am nowhere near hems or sleeves. But I just love your mod!!!

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