A watched mitten...

Knitting between dumps and dozes

Dsc09720Some of my weekend knitting time was spent playing with bulldozers, blocks and dump trucks, or reading books about ABCs, shapes, colors, numbers, and trains.  I haven't completely beat the blues yet, but some rug-time with my nephew over the weekend sure helped.  My sister has been very tired, but she's doing great and her new little bump is beginning to show; the main goal for the weekend was to get some maternity pantyhose.  My brother-in-law, though he doth protest about the doing, is an excellent cook and yesterday morning's fritatta was delicious, as was my sister's coffee cake, though my taste buds may have been influenced by its presentation as a train.

Things being as they are, my actual row gauge is different than the calculated row gauge and so I will not be doing the three full pattern repeats as originally planned.  Since planning is out the window, I'll soon be at the part where I start to make it up as I go along.  Livin' on the edge over here.



I totally read your title as something alltogether different. ;)

I'm so crass. :P


A work of art! On all counts;) And don't forget to choo your food well. Sorry, I get silly when little kids are around:)


Your title sounds like my day yesterday. Heh.


It's looking great! Glad you got some time with Mack and your sister is feeling better. Also glad to hear the other stuff wasn't as bad as initially anticipated. LOVE YOU!


Time with loved ones is very helpful for the spirits! Your mitten looks awesome and since it's your design you can do as you like, eh?


There is nothing like time with little ones to lift the spirits.

This mitten of yours (gauge inadequacies and all) is looking fabulous.

Keep smiling!


Another crass reader here. I was so relieved to read that the dumps in question were trucks. And that train cake pan? I'm mulling whether to purchase it for my husband's birthday cake in June -- he's a maniac model train collector and it would be a hoot. But is it worth $34? That's 17 skeins of KnitPicks Wool of the Andes, for starters...


Man - those are just so stunning! Please keep up with the daily progress pictures!


the mittens are goregous!!


the mittens are goregous!!


the mittens are goregous!!


Gorgeous mitt. I've probably said it every time you posted a detail of it. My opinion is unchanged.


Glad your weekend had you looking up a bit. I love to watch your mitten's pattern developing. Very inspiring.


That is amazing knitting, you know. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go buy a cake mold.

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