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02 February 2007

I'll take my grins


I love Jan's books!!

I met Jan once. If she was a knitter (and she could be for all I know) she'd be a rip and re-do girl. When a child complemented her artwork and disparaged of being able to do anything nearly as good - she replied, "but it takes me an hour to draw an inch." Something to keep in mind as we do our intricate designs in colorwork.

I thought of you when I heard the Breaking News on KFAN this afternoon. Wishing I had your phone number stored in my cell to call & congratulate you. (even though I'm supposed to dislike him greatly)

Will you be Superbowl partying?

Jan Brett books are faves around here. Or is that favres? :-)

We just used the coloring page last week in class and are still reading the book -- I am currently searching for knitting children's books for a two week knitting class I am planning

It makes me happy to know Favre will be playing next year. Once a Wisconsinite, always a Wisconsinite. :)

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