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Dsc09724I love how, after 22 years of daily use -- two to three cups of coffee (with cream and sugar -- just like me, except he uses more sugar and adds a little milk, too), rinsing, washing -- the big red heart still shines through loud and clear on DH's coffee mug.  It used to say "I *heart* my husband," and if you look very closely, you can make out some of the letter ghosts even in this picture.

It has not been an easy 22 years.  Some of it has been downright shit-crap-hell.  Some of it has been idyllic.  It's always best when we're working at staying connected.  The heart's a good reminder.

Happy Valentine's Day!



Right there with you baby! Have a great day, my friend!!!


Every relationship works better when we're 'working' on it. Forged by fire makes a married stronger and more rewarding. Happy V-day!!


Well said!
Nobody tells you just how much shit/crap/idyllic times you will go through.
Have a great day!


Here's to less "shit-crap-hell" and more idyllic...............Happy V'day.......(the day on which I've already apologized about 4 times for stuff I've done this morning)......grrrrrr

Mary in Boston

May you have another 22 years with more idyllic and less of the other stuff! Happy Valentine's Day to you too!


The less than idyllic moments make a relationship stronger, I think. Here's to 22+ more years!

Happy Valentine's Day Vicki!


That is so sweet. Congrats on those well-earned 22 years :)


I'm guessing you can count 22 years because Valentines Day is not the only day for love.
Congrats on 22 years - I'm hitting 16 tomorrow. GAH!


I love that the heart remains, when all else is gone! Happy Valentine's Day!


It takes some shit-crap-hell to make idyllic marriages. Here's to yours! Happy Valentine's day!


If it came easy then we wouldn't appreciate it. It's always work but it's always worth it.
Happy Valentine's Day.


I've had two (former) husbands' worth of "shit-crap-hell". This Valentine's Day is all about me. And I'm lovin' it! Here's to your red heart standing the test of time!


shit crap hell. i know that feeling. :) awesome mug. :)


*hearts* back to ya!


hogs & kisses to you my sweetheart!


Great post, Vicki! And here's to less shit-crap-hell all around!


I guess the shit-crap-hell part makes us appreciate the idyllic more.

Hugs, Vicki!


They should really make a card that says what you’ve just stated here – seriously! It’s true, you know ~ but nothing worth having ever came without sacrifice. :-) I hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day, Vicki.

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