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020107_1311Instead of one FOO7, I actually have two, but I ran out of time for photos this morning.

Remember the baby pool I recently won?  The babe was a boy and his daddy brought treats.  There were two versions, each with a different picture, both with three Hershey Kisses wrapped in blue tulle and tied with silver embroidery floss.  On the flip side of the paper that the photo is affixed to, it says:

A few sweet kisses from the new baby...
[Baby's Name]
[baby's weight]
[baby's height]
[baby's birthdate]

In one of the photos, this particular baby is wearing a bulky handknit hat (or maybe it just looks bulky because he's a teeny tiny baby).  ; )

I shared this awful pic of a great idea with everyone's favorite Bookish Girl yesterday.  A bowl full of these would be a sweet, fairly inexpensive way to announce to a large group of co-workers and acquaintances -- and if the baby's gender is known, all the Kiss-wrapping could be done ahead of time!

* * * * * *

Another of life's monkey wrenches landed with a thud, right at my feet yesterday morning and I've been kind stunned ever since.  It's actually someone else's wrench, but it's a big one -- big and scary and full of heartache, heartbreak, with potential to affect and/or change many lives close to me and, therefore, mine.  I can't go into details, but I'm just sick over it, trying to keep my chin up and hope for the best and knit and care for my family -- and not take anything for granted and appreciate what I've got and squeeze every drop of joy I can out of all the little things.  Whatever will be, will be... but I hope it be good... I hope and pray it be good.



Well then we'll all hope and pray too! God Bless....


Sorry to hear you're close to a sad situation.


Oh, whatever it is, we hope for the best, too. Those little "kiss" announcements are adorable!


Oh dear, Vicki. It sounds a bit daunting and scary. Take care!


Hey Vicki -- I am thinking about you


I hope it all works out Vicki!


Wishing you and all those whom you love and care for a peaceful heart and healing grace. Caritas et pax ~ Sue

Mary in Boston

Sending hugs your way. And prayers too.


LOVE YOU! My run was good and I thought good thoughts for you while I was out there. Did you see? Wendy's in labor. Your email was prescient.


Hugs from the deep South.


prayers wending your way! ;o


Vicki, I'm sending good thoughts and prayers your way to be directed where-ever they're needed. I'm hoping for the very best of possibilities.


Sending positive thoughts out to those affected by that monkey wrench. I hope things turn out for the best.

The baby announcement thing is very cute! What a sweet (pun kind of intended) idea!


Whatever it is, I hope it isn't as bad as you think. Sending positive vibes your way. Hang in there!

LOVE the baby favor!


Wow. I'm sorry for the shock of the thud and the feeling sick over it. I'm lighting an extra candle and thinking of you tonight.


More fruit is grown in the valley than on the mountaintop, Vicki. God uses the trials of life in the most productive ways. Praying for your situation,and that no matter what it is, there will be bounty and blessings in it.


Vicki, you know you're in thoughts and prayers. Hoping for good news or some light for the folks affected here. x


Sounds's hoping it isn't and you are strong as I am sure you will be. Gawd knows you have been strong for others for many, many years!! Take care of YOU too!

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