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13 February 2007

A watched mitten...

Dsc09721If I'd started that first repeat right about in the middle of the chart, it  would have turned out better.  I printed out a couple of charts last night to cut and paste and I think I've got it so this will work out okay.

What's the worst that could happen?

The proof is in the knitting, though, and I've still got a ways to go.  With a good head of steam built up, I could reach the tip of this one tonight.

We'll see.


Now THAT's knitting! What a beauty!

Ooh - it's boiling! It looks absolutely beautiful.

Go, Vicki, go!

This is why I'm stuck on my Frostrosen mitten - my pattern just isn't ending in the "right" place. So now I'm thinking about the mittens with more of a gauntlet cuff. Obviously, I'm nuts.

A friggin work of art!

It looks fantastic, Vicki. Have I already mentioned that I’m jealous? Well, just case I didn’t say it before, I am. (I want to learn two-color knitting this year – stay tuned). ;-)

What Carole said! You go!

What a beauty. I'm impressed and I don't even see the problem you mentioned. They are stunning!

Vicki! These are fabulous. Nice work!

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