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06 January 2007

Wanna trade?

Dsc09507 Dsc09510

Dsc09509I am looking for one more horn-blowing angel ornament (as shown at left) and am willing to purchase or trade either the cymbal-playing and/or the harp-playing angel (as shown, right).  They are silver and about 2-1/2 inches tall, and were purchased this season at Target.  I saw the horn-blower and grabbed three, thinking that they were all the same; I didn't realize 'til much later that they were all different.  I was able to find one more horn-blower, but I'd like a total of three -- one for each of my girls.  They so closely match the tree-top angel that they've always known, I thought it would be a fun reminder of their childhood to carry into the future.  Heh, our tree-topper was a late Christmas clearance purchase many years ago (after the china-headed treetop angel of MY childhood got smashed in a cat-induced tree-toppling) and she must be plated, because she's always pretty tarnished by the time the tree comes down.  She gets a good, fresh polish every December.  ; )

Time to pack 'er up.


If the vipers haven't swooped through our Target, I'll check it out for you! A lovely sentiment!

I checked my local Target tonight and the post-holiday scavengers had the place picked clean. Sorry I couldn't help.

What a lovely idea, hope someone finds your angel for you.

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