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Waiting for the piper

I just know the piper's gonna come calling today and he's going to want to be paid the Zzzzzs he's owed.  It's just a matter of time.

I've been doing pretty okay with the perimenopause thing lately -- I even had a doozy of those not-quite-monthly-anymore monthly things just before Christmas.  The past few nights, I've experienced some periods of, well... let's call it "warmth."  Last night, I was absolutely freezing when I went to bed, but holy cow, the tables turned in the wee hours and I was a raging inferno at 1:30 a.m.  I stuck my feet and arms out for a while to try and cool off, then I heard a cat meow, then I heard Ali come in, and then I just gave up, got up and checked my email.  Then hubby got up because he heard the cat (Ali discovered Duncan stuck behind Maddy's closed door).  We went back to bed, but I still couldn't sleep.  Fast forward to 3:30 a.m., I'm still tossing and turning, and the alarm will start to sound at 5:15...

Naturally, at 5:15, my "temperature" was fine and I was sleeping like a baby.  I hit snooze a couple of times and then hit the shower.  And now I just wonder when the piper (or the sandman) is going to show up.

In other news:  I am focusing on good words from yesterday's horoscope:  bountiful, visions, dedication, motivation, wonderful, discover, positive, knowledge, inspire.  I'm looking for those things in my everyday life and, you know what?  They're not that hard to find -- the blogs are are brimming with it, too.

The timing didn't work out, so I didn't make it to the Y last night, but Katie wasn't buying any excuses in regard to an early evening walk, either.  Thanks to the Google Pedometer (which I cannot stop playing with), I know that I walked 1.67 miles yesterday.  I mapped afterwards and have tweaked so I know just where to go in order to make it an even(-ish) 2.0.  We actually saw people sitting out on their front porches in nothing but sweatshirts.  The freaky weather stuff continues.  It looks like we have a chance at snow showers/flurries this weekend and a little bit through the week -- no mention of accumulation, though.  It seems a better chance for anything normal might be the following weekend.

This weekend, Christmas is coming down on Saturday.  On Sunday, I'm celebrating International Pajama Day!  Maybe you can join us.  I have some new nightwear to inaugurate that day.  ; )



Sorry about the hot flash and no sleeping thing. I've heard that soy is supposed to help. New nightwear? Did you say new nightwear? I got a new nightgown for Christmas!

Mary in Boston

Er, I had one of those doozys myself at Christmas time. NO FUN!

The evening walks sound like a great idea. Might as well enjoy this weather while we can.


Welcome to my world! I've learned to pull the blankets back a bit until the flash is over and then cover back up and go to sleep. It takes practice;-) Soy doesn't work, black cohosh might and some say flax helps, too. I can't take either. Hope they don't last too long for you. I'm going on 15 yrs with them!


If this helps your weather forecasting - it is 40 degrees & cloudy here today - I think you can expect the same tomorrow. So much for snow :(

Would love to celebrate Pajama Day but I think Gameboy will protest when it's time to go teach confirmation class.


I will gladly send you some of my snow. Here in Denver, it is snowing AGAIN. Here at my house we've gotten almost a foot and it's showing no signs of stopping. Stop the insanity!


Are you sitting down? No drink in your hand? In November of 2006 we had just moved into a lovely new home with a terrific master suite downstairs and our teenage sons room upstairs with the door from his room opening out to a hallway overlooking the family room and the back yard. The house also had the first security system I have ever used. The first night we are in the house I have an immense "personal glow" at about 2:00 a.m. I get up and take a cold shower, and while drying my hair another one hits me and my fresh clean body is once again drenched in sweat. I decide I can't stand it anymore and head out to the back yard, will I will cool off in the winter air - not remembering that we had an alarm. The next thing we all know, the alarms are blaring, the security light is blinking, the cats and rabbit are running around scared shitless, and there I am - standing buck naked on the back patio looking in - at my gape mouthed son and dh. None of us could remember how to turn the damn thing off. Oh, the trauma - and of couse, guess who comes? Yep, police and fire - by that time I had a robe on, but I was still drenched. Personal tip -don't bother messing with drying your hair anymore, it just isn't worth it - it always starts another freaking flash.


I understand about the temperature thing; my supplements were keeping me even until just a few weeks least tomorrow we can sleep in. Can you figure out how many of your steps equal a mile and wear a pedometer? Have a happy weekend.


ooooo, more nightwear! can't wait - although with these flashes, you may have to switch to baby-doll nighties! ooo-la-la


A Pyjama Day sounds like a great idea, hope you sleep better tonight.


I hope you get some good sleep in soon (and often), Vicki. I'm experiencing much the same thing. I didn't realize, duh, that I have to watch for signs of anemia. Got that fixed. I'm definitely looking forward to being in the "Wise Woman" segment of my life whenEVER this segment is over!


I can definitely get behind Int'l PJ Day! Uh, I'm going through the same thing. Same thing! It's awful! Freeze burn freeze burn-what did we do to deserve this? I'm counting 3 months (without) and didn't realize it until recently. A cruel joke that's what it is.

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