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Providing value (a little rant with knitting at the end)

It's difficult enough to make a living as an artist without worrying -- when you finally maybe do hit on a good thing, get a couple of breaks, get in a groove with a good thing going -- about whether the bank is going to think you're running a scam (involving sock yarn? give me a break) and freakin' shut you down without warning.  You may read about it here and here.  (Pardon me, my stinger might be about to show...)  Oh, this kind of shit just makes me want to stick it to The Man so much -- I have had it up to HERE with the (mostly hidden from the consumer) economics of banking and finance and the "convenience" of credit cards and debit cards and service charges and billing fees and interest rates and per-item fees and instantaneous deduction from the checking account but far from instantaneous deposits and how much interest is charged versus how much interest is paid and... you can be sure it's never in YOUR best interest -- it's very, very far from YOUR best interest... it's sickening and depressing... and did someone say SCAM(s)? -- but how in the world do you stick it to That Man?  What a heartache and headache for people who are only trying to make a living by creating a beautiful product that people want to buy.

And so much wasted time. For crying out loud, everyone knows that time is money.

I don't belong to the Socks That Rock Club, but I know what it's like to try and make a living as an artist -- to try and find something that works, that speaks to people on some level so that maybe someone might be moved to buy it and maybe an artist can eke out a living doing what they were born to do -- doing the only thing that, in their hearts, they really can do, the thing that makes them feel alive and hopeful and happy -- so that maybe all the creative time will pay, maybe all the mundane non-creative time traveling to shows and trying to keep track of receipts and writing stuff into the checkbook, even working temporarily at a soul-sucking factory job, will be offset because someone gets it, because someone sees some value in what they've created.  Shit, maybe one of these years they'll even be able to trade that 1993 GMC van in for a 2003 model.

That is when they're finished slamming their heads against a wall and/or being ground into the pavement by The Man.

Dsc09546Dsc09544Two miles on the treadmill at the Y, chores around the house (vacuumming! laundry! toilet-cleaning!), a couple of late appointments... there was an even later start to the knitting yesterday.  I did drape the Coup d'Etat over the Duct-tape Body Double in the light of day for some photos.  I think it's going to fit!!  I managed to frog and re-start the Fetching mitt (with three cable crossings at the cuff this time) and, while I usually hate having to do a re-do, this one is pure pleasure.

TGTIF (Thank God Tomorrow Is Friday)!  I'm ready for the weekend.



I'd love to know what bank it was just so I can make sure I'm not using them.

Gotta make a duct tape body double...


The sweater is going to be wonderful. Great rant on the bank. I couldn't agree more.


My head hurts just thinking about the mess BM must be dealing with. I just got off the phone with Cara and I could hardn't understand her as she was so PISSED! I hate banks!
Thank for the TGTIF;-)


You said it..........Saturday can't get here soon enough....


Yeah. Margene got the call today. Thank god you're my friend. I miss you so much!


The sweater is lovely. We were discussing it at our weekly stitching and it sure is odd.


I'm glad I'm on your good side!


The bigs keep getting bigger and the littles like us keep getting the shaft.


The STR thing is absurd . . . but I'm commenting to say that I think your sweater is just gorgeous!


It's a shame not one og those bankers is a knitter. Actually, that bank will lose this year. Money that is. They stuck it to themselves. hahahahahaha-Love those cables! Beautiful! I gotta get a duct tape bod! My family will be pleasantly surprised that yes, It can get crazier around here!;-)


Carol's right, the bank that refused to accept the STR money will lose money. I would not be surprised if they don't lose more since they obviously make decisions with no research or thought. I'm so glad Blue Moon was able to find an intelligent competitor in what seems like a short time based on their letter. Vicki, your sweater is lovely! The color/yarn effect is great. I'm also quite envious of your duct tape body double. TGIF!


A simple phone call to BM might could have prevented all this mess. Couldn't agree more. A big fat AMEN!


Well said regarding artists and making a living. I know you have first hand knowledge in your own home as do I. Art/small business and banks are a bad mix at the best of times.
I'm pretty sure this group of knitters WILL find a way to stick it that particular bank.


The Blue Moon thing made me wish I could afford to join their sock club just to support what they were doing and make it a banner year in sales for them, and 'in your face jerks' to that bank.On a calmer note, I,too, am going after those fetching mitts, and seems every blog I read its a popular knit too!


I am so with you! On the whole "The Man" thing and looking forward to the weekend! What a week!

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