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Dsc09504Yesterday's sunrise -- pretty much the same as today's and also the day before.  The days are getting longer.  I really do want some snow, though.

DING*DING*DING!  Those of you who took a stab were absolutely right about the white object being a child's shoelace keeper.  For some reason, I remember them most on the twins' shoes -- I guess four feet at a time with jingle bells affixed made more of an impression than just two!  There isn't much of a need for lace-keepers these days, as kids' shoes with laces aren't the norm.

I have subscribed to and receive my Daily OM horoscope via email ever since Margene linked to it a long time ago.  An excerpt from this morning's email:

January 4, 2007
Comfort in Dedication
Scorpio Daily Horoscope

You may feel the weight of your many obligations more intensely than usual today. A bountiful agenda can overwhelm you before your day even begins, as visions of long hours and fatigue can discourage and dismay you. Yet your overall mood is likely one of hardworking dedication that provides you with the motivation you need to keep going. This faith in the value of devotion can lead you to a wonderful revelation that makes subsequent busy days seem less daunting. Specifically, you may discover today, while going about your duties, that you can now clearly see the positive effects each has on your personal and professional lives. This knowledge can inspire you to immerse yourself wholeheartedly in your responsibilities.

Key words:  weight, obligations, intensely, bountiful, overwhelm, visions, discourage, dismay, hardworking, dedication, motivation, faith, devotion, wonderful, revelation, busy, discover, duties, clearly, positive, knowledge, inspire, immerse, wholeheartedly, responsibilities.

Good grief, what else is there besides laundry?  It pretty much sums up how I've been feeling since the new year, though.  I wonder, too, if part of my feeling unsettled is due to the weird weather.  I'm still grappling with maintaining focus, at any rate, so it's going to be a list today -- a laundry list of recent keepers, if you will.

-> My friend Vicki Forman is writing a column called Special Needs Mama at Literary Mama.  Vicki says, "I have spent the past year writing a book about our family's experience raising Evan and our life since the twins were born six years ago.  Out of that book came the idea for a column, 'Special Needs Mama,' which will narrate some of the daily truths that arise from being Evan's mother."  I hope you have time to read Vicki's column, and to explore the site, 'specially if you're a mama.

-> Angie's blogging.  You remember Angie -- I dedicated a post to her a while back.  (I guess I didn't frighten her none.)  She's blogging about her life in the country, cooking, remodeling -- even knitting -- at Purling Oaks.  Go say an encouraging word; I'm sure she's sick of hearing from only me.

-> If you haven't heard about Rachael and her amazing Run-A-Go-Go idea, you've surely just emerged from under a rock.  It coincides perfectly with my shiny, brand new as of New Year's Day YMCA membership, so I decided to use it.  Yesterday, I walked about 2 miles on the track -- and at a pretty good pace for a while -- plus had orientation on the circuit equipment.  I'll enjoy the machines a lot -- I liked using the machines at Curves, and they were powder-puff in comparison.  I do need new shoes -- that's on the agenda for the weekend.

-> Ali will soon start training for her new job, much closer to school/dorm!  Not wanting to buck the current trend amongst my offspring, she will remain a barista in her new job.

-> I've been knitting a little, reading a little, decluttering a little, doing a little laundry a little.  Ack.  I hope it snows soon.



You must get the best coffee at your house ;)

Good luck with the YMCA - it saved me a few years back & even though I haven't been for more than 2 years I still miss the friends I made on those early mornings.


My aunt has a nearby YMCA that she uses - she says their walking track is a little bit springy. That would be so much more comfortable than laps in a parking lot.


My sunset looked just like that yesterday. I think it's so cool that we can connect over something like that.


Always love your blog. Thank you for the link to Vicki Foreman's column. It is nice to read an honest side to being a mother. One of my brothers is very similar to Evan, although he is now 41. As we were growing up there were family jokes and stories that you didn't share with others in regards to my brother. It isn't because we were ashamed, it was because others didn't understand. As my own children have grown I have one daughter that wears her disabilities on the inside. Vicki was refreshing. Thank you.


OK! I walked 1.5 miles this morning on the way to work (in the rain) and will walk another 1.5 miles on the way home. Runagogo seems to be a runaway success! Just what we all need at this time of year.
Will I have any luck enticing you to participate in International Pajama Day on Sunday? In your nightgown? If not, save Feb. 4 for Super International Pajama Day.


Good luck with the work outs and the walking! A little of everything sounds good. I don't know how, but housework attention deficit disorder seems to work for me!


Today we have 8" of new snow. Maybe it will head your way.
I read Om today. My work is feeling not so good and I had to think hard about the positive effect my boss has on my life-NOT. Maybe he is there to teach me to be less outspoken...however I don't think that's it.
Hugs, Vicki!


Happy New Year, Miss Vicki!

I so respect your treadmill thing. I have a knee that needs to be fixed before I can get back to trotting around. Instead, I've been working out with Gilad on FiTV for the last several months. I don't know that I've lost any weight, but my pants fit better and I think it's improved my mental state. The only problem is that it's hard to knit with 10# barbells in my hands.

We're gonna be like those 'Dancing Grannies' they used to show on daytime tv commercials, right?, 70+ years old with great bodies. At least, I *hope* to look that that healthy when I'm that old!

You've proved that you can start something (or end it...) and stick to it. I'll bet you'll reach every mileage goal sooner than you think.



Wonderful sunrise photo, Vicki, the kind I can lose myself in!

I agree, I think this weather has us all feeling odd and/or restless. Too many people I talked to today said things that support this idea. I'm going to have to do double time on my treadmill this weekend to keep up with the Runagogo goal! Your Y membership will keep you at the head of the pack!

Surprise! Thanks for the link! You are an outstanding encourager!


Crap. That just reminded me I have two loads of laundry to fold. I guess I should do that.


Vicki Forman

Oh thank you, V. for the shout out. You are a dear heart. Hope you get through that laundry. And I am definitely heading over to Daily Om. I need my dose!

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