Providing value (a little rant with knitting at the end)
Winter Storm Warning!

I am...

...Working For The Weekend, just like Loverboy and most everybody else.  For some reason, I've got maximum TGIF today.  (You may have noticed, I had it already yesterday!)  I am also hungry.  The sky is gray, it's damp outside and starting to drizzle (I wonder if and when it'll turn to snow), and I just want to go home and curl up with a throw, do some knitting, watch some movies, make a big kettle of soup (maybe with dumplings), maybe bake some bread -- oh, I can't get macaroni and cheese off my mind, either.  I have never made macaroni and cheese from scratch before, and I think that's going to change this weekend.

I hope your lunch was more satisfying than mine.  ; )  Heads-up -- amongst the next pictures posted here, there will likely be food... macaroni bathed in cheese and the like.  OMG, I know, I know...  I'm driving myself nuts, too.  I'm pretty sure nothing else will do it now...

I have one little end to weave in on the first of the Fetchings and.. oooooh, I like it!  I even wore it for a while with that one long end hanging out.  The 4x1 rib section was made just a few rows longer, and also the thumb, and I cast off plain -- the picot edge was pretty, and even fun to do, but I didn't like how loose it was.  I wonder how a k2tog in each section would work -- just before or just after making the picot.  I'll have to try it on the next pair.  I have one more ball (maybe two) of Wings and will definitely knit another.  I wouldn't mind it even a little longer between the thumb and the last cable cross -- so I'll be interested to see if there's any yarn left.



I have TGIF very badly, too. It's freaking cold here...moer snow coming. The only thing that will get me out this weekend is dinner with Laurie. We'll surely have good food in Park City. I had M&C on was sooooo goood!


I think it's the 1st regular week that's doing it - I need a vacation again & I don't get Monday off :(

Ever seen Smitten Kitchen - no yarn, but lots of food - mmmmmmm


If you're going to make mac & cheese from scratch, check out Martha Stewart's recipe. Fabulous, rave reviews from whomever you serve it to.


I will echo the mac 'n cheese recommendation - try Martha's. I cut down on the milk a bit, though, to make the sauce a bit thicker.


Now I have to make maccaroni and cheese...tonight!


It's the cold and the wind here.. I want the same thing, sans mac and cheese, which I fed my kids endlessly when they were little. The real key to home-made mac and cheese is to make a good white sauce, then add cheese, and stir it together with cooked and drained noodles. Happy comfort food!


Yep- I make Martha's recipe. I do add some different cheeses though- smoked gouda, goat cheese, sharp cheddar, and usually some gruyere. Toss in some carmelized sweet onions- mmm! Definitely bake it- makes a yummy, chewy top.

Have a great weekend!


Did you make the macaroni and cheese yet? Here's my tip. Not that you asked. :)
I don't use all milk (or heaven forbid, cream) I make a roux: olive oil that has sauteed some onions til soft and then add chicken broth. Then I add only a small amount of half and half or milk to give it a creamy mouth feel. It is much more flavorful in my opinion than a milk based sauce. AND. Another tip? Take the pan off the heat to melt the cheese. For me, on heat, it always looks a bit curddly. Curtley? Curdle-y? Curdled. Yes. Curdled. :) The heat will be enough to melt it up.


Food is goooddddd.

kathy b

I have yet to find a fingerless pattern with a nice close fitting edge at the top. Thanks for the heads up on this pattern I was considering.


Did you make the mac and cheese? The soup and dumplings sound good, too ... yummmm! I hope you had a great weekend. Did you get (or are you getting) snow?

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