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On Friday night, I finished the re-knitting of the Peace Fleece Coup d'Etat Cardigan.  Since I'd already wet-blocked the entire thing, I decided to just pin and damp-block the general area that was worked over.  It's nearly dry.  On Thursday night, I'd stopped at the LYS to procure the DPNs I need to knit the attached button band.  I'm excited to try out this new (to me) technique, and also anxious to finish the cardigan.

Dsc09534Saturday's main goal was to get the tree down.  I broke two ornaments -- which is two more than usual and while one was no big loss, the other was vintage, but at least it wasn't one of Grandma's.  I wasn't in the mood and I guess it showed.  I was resistant to taking time to go the Y, but Katie did finally cajole me into at least going for a walk and we did the 2-mile route -- it did kind of energize me for the big finish.

I've had Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Workshop in a work basket next to my chair for some time and, lately, in the evenings, I've been pulling it out and reading a few pages or just looking at the pictures.  I saw so many beautiful items at the exhibit in Madison last month, but one item that really struck a chord, and that I knew I wanted to make, was the Rib Warmer.  I have some very well-marinated, utilitarian stash of the appropriate weight, so cast on Saturday night.  I will soon be half-way and will have a photo for the next post.

Super07My plans to participate in yesterday's International Pajama Day were thwarted by the maternal relations.  During my walk on Saturday, Mom called to tell me of two sets of aunts and uncles, plus a great aunt and uncle all planning to stop by my brother's on Sunday on their way to a nearby casino and, they wondered, wouldn't it be fun if we could all meet for lunch?  I was pretty resistant to the whole idea -- still weighed down, so to speak, by the Christmas tree, resentful that I had to spend any time at all doing that, and I'd been looking forward to IPD as my well-deserved and just reward.  So I fretted and frumped for the rest of the day, overnight, into the morning, and then realized what a complete and total selfish ass I was being, so I changed into some clothes, took a ride, had lunch and a good laugh with the relatives -- including my brother, who is just fantastic -- and then came home and got all comfy again.  You can bet I'm planning NOW for SUPER IPD!



Vicki, I also had to fight with myself Sunday to dismantle the tree. I'm not sure why because I KNOW I'm the only one who will do it. I'm looking forward to your pictures of both Coup d'Etat and Rib Warmer.


Can't wait for the photos! You weren't being selfish. Girls just wanna have fiber. Isn't that what all do? Anticipate the free time we'll have for knitting? An extra medal cause you went with the family!


It's good that you could get yourself out of that mood. I have a really hard time with things like that. Tell me more about the cardigan, please. This might be one I'd like to make with all that Peace Fleece I have!


Ugh sorry you had a hard time this week. I had some extra ickiness myself. Glad your time with the family was fun after all. What makes an IPD SUPER by the way? L, C


Ah, the internal battles we must wage. To be the friendly, useful person we sort of want to be or the comfy, lazy slug we REALLY want to be. I'm glad you managed some of both :-) And I LOVE the photo that goes with IPD -- she looks so smug and happy.

Teresa C

I know just how you feel. My daughter cajoled me into some fitness on Saturday as well. Now, to be honest, I'm pretty good on the fitness thing, but on Saturday, I really was blah about it. Went out for about five miles and three of them sucked ass. Well, maybe two. And my tree is still up. And I didn't get to do the pajama thing either. I'm all about Feb. 4th. Up. Shower. Back in pajamas. Knit all day. Can't wait.


I love that Elizabeth Zimmermann. You could always try to have your own self-proclaimed pajama day...


you are the best. I totally sympathize with your thwarted pj day and would have felt the same way, selfish ass part and all.

But the truth is, you could never be a selfish ass!


I just bought EZ's Knitting Workshop book for the Baby Surprise Jacket pattern. And now I see they have the DVD! That may be next on my list.


But honestly, shouldn't every day be pajama day? That's not too much to ask, is it? :-)


Freaking tree is tormenting me. Now, I have as good an excuse as any. Sorry about your ornaments. :( And Pajama Day.


Hey, pick any day you want and call it "PJ Day" if you ask me! My favorite days of the school year while teaching high school were PJ day of spirit week, when you were SUPPOSED to show up to work in your PJs. Too bad I'm teaching adults now.

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