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02 December 2006

X is for...


X-acto.  At one time -- for many years -- when I worked as a typesetter, an X-acto knife was practically an extension of my hand, along with a hand-held waxer or trigger can full of rubber cement.  Cut & paste, for real.


Oh, sure. Trying to outdo me for the Xocolate prize, huh?

I must say, though (and this is totally grudgingly). heehee, hawhaw. ... the creativity you have shown in the ABC-along (I still can't get over the nightgowns) entitles you to a prize of some sort. XO

I've always been afraid of X-acto knives!

Ooh, very good choice!

Xcellent X!

That is a really great picture - I didn't realize that cutting and pasting was a literal term either!

Cool picture!

OH my gosh, I just had a flashback to high school when I was editor of the newspaper..cut and paste indeed. I can almost smell the rubber cement.

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