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01 December 2006

Up my alley

God, I love the internet.  I found a new link in Rebecca's Pocket today, via the lately cantankerous Bloglines, to The New York Times list of The 10 Best Books of 2006.  I clicked on over and skimmed the list and a couple caught my eye.  I placed holds on the local library system for The Collected Stories of Amy Hempel and Falling Through the Earth.  These join Yarnplay on my list of holds, which I'm waiting for someone else to return.  I am currently enjoying the two Nancy Crow books that I'd similarly placed on hold a couple of weeks ago.

I just added a couple of Gee's Bend books to the list.  It's addicting.  I wonder if there's a limit.

It's snowing here, but I'm not complaining.  We're at the very, very northern edge of the big midwest storm, the snow is very fine and shouldn't pile up more than an inch before ending early this afternoon.  It was awfully windy earlier, and very cold.  All of last year, the big storms were either to the north of us or to the south and I wonder if it'll be more of the same this year.

I'm cruising along on the back of Coup d'Etat.  I should have some good knitting time this weekend, though I do think we'll take time out for a show at the planetarium tomorrow.  I haven't been there since grade school and I want to go.  I think my nephews will like it.  I worry that they'll be bored.  My sister will be bringing Christmas cards, probably not her quilting, to work on this weekeend -- she's made every card she's sent for the last 20+ years.

ETA:  No.  Just no.  Whoever found my blog by searching "sweaters that light up"... well, I don't know why you would have landed here, but DON'T DO ITUgly Betty can do it -- she can wear anything and be cute as a button -- but she's the only one who could wear it and who would like to receive it as a gift.  The.only.one.  No!


awww - come on Vicki, what have you got against light up sweaters? ;)

LOVE the planetarium. Although sometimes I get overwhelmed by the awesomeness of the universe. You know? Have a great weekend my favorite cheesehead!

My kids LOVE watching "Ugly Betty"!

I saw some pretty hideous Christmas sweaters in Gottschalk's last night. I don't think any of them lit up, but I didn't get close enough to look. You just KNOW all those sweaters are destined for the Goodwill very soon. I always see hideous holiday sweaters there.

Off to look at the book links! *mwah*

I am so curious as to where in WI you live. I grew up in Sheboygan Falls and lived for 10 years in Milwaukee before moving on. It always intrigues me to read of places that I remember as a kid!

I am so curious as to where in WI you live. I grew up in Sheboygan Falls and lived for 10 years in Milwaukee before moving on. It always intrigues me to read of places that I remember as a kid!

I don't know about your library but at my library we limit holds to 99 items. I think that should be enough for just about anybody - even you!
have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

My mother in law called me this afternoon while driving between Shawano and Appleton and said despite the lack of massive amounts of snow up there, that the roads were HORRID. She said south of Fon Du Lac was supposed to be a nightmare.
I admire your sister's making Christmas cards. I've ALWAYS wanted to do that, but lack the creativity honestly.

Have a great weekend

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